Gears Of Time Modern History

Gears Of Time
Gears Happen

Gears Of Time. A type of clog that have been with us for a very long time. We’ve all seen gears of some type. And, know that gears have been used in all fashions to make things easier to use. And, to simplify things for man.

The museum as shown in this YouTube video Cairo Egypt has items that appear to be gears. The new Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt. Is definitely a place I’m going to visit. Well, I’d like too.

The simplest that most will know are the gears of a bike. And, most watches have gears that are precision defined for accurate time. (The cupcakes are pretty darn awesome too!)

Gears Of Time Pink Bike With Basket
Pink Bike With Basket
Gears Of Time Good for the ages.

We have also used terms to describe human interaction and emotions. Such as “Shifting Gears” or actually “Shifting Gears” In a car or on a motorcycle, 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear it’s all right! 🙂

Gears For Fun And Play

Without gears, our 10 speed bike won’t be able to shift into other gears. And, you would not be able to peddle very far. Gears are used in many things.

Gearshift Thinking

Gears of Time & Gear Shift Thinking
Gear Shift Thinking

I’ve heard the term of shifting gears before. I’m sure that you have as well. But, in life it’s not as easy replacing one gear quickly or changing gears from one direction to another.

Gears are created and placed into groups that function as a whole. So, I think of that as “Gearshift Thinking”. When your part of a team, thinking patterns from all on the team need to function as a unit. Teams and the usage of teams is overrated in my opinion. Units must prevail.

Team Driven Style

Gears Of Time Driven And Not Lead
Driven And Not Lead

Teams Are Driven but by what? If you equate a team to a team of horses. It’s than you realize that in most cases there is someone behind you with reigns and a a whip. When on a team the leader or manager is most cases sit above you and don’t think of you as a peer,

Have teams become beasts of burden?

Unit Driven Style

In this case I’m using the word “gear(s)” to describe people. Each unit member has or should have a few things to do so that can be learned inside and out. Knowing your part I think that helps the unit as a whole.

Changing gear rotations teach the unit how to function together and allows one to assist in other areas when required. Keep in mind not everyone will have the same skill sets.

Knowing all the parts of the whole help keep things exciting and moving smoothly for everyone. The units leader, often is right right beside them working as a peer.

Gears Of Time Unit United
Unit United


I really think this is a great talk! Please enjoy the update.

Not All Need To Be Military

I’m not saying that things have necessarily got to be military based. But, there needs to be balance and some simple discipline!. Units have disciple and respect for their leaders. How important is that when your shipping a product or running a company.

or Running A Country?

Units need to be able to think independently keeping the goals and objectives of the unit or country in mind. Anything less would be harmful to all involved.

More Fun Thoughts and Ideas

I’ve written about the circle of miles before and will continue talking about that. 🙂 However, what really prompted this post was my visit to a small town close to me called “Buckley“. Yeah, I know not all about gears. 🙂

We all have fun and new mysteries within 100 miles from where you are right now and this location is about 40 round trip miles from my house. 20 there and 20 back, not bad. Along the way are a few places to stop for photos and lunch. Makes for a good half day adventure.

Within my immediate circle there are so many historical markers and towns that embrace history of the area. Washington has a history of logging and there are many communities that have old logging equipment that make for great pictures. The images presented below are from Buckley Washington.

Foothills Historical Museum

Link to : 130 W. River Avenue, Buckley
Call for the hours: 360-829-1291

Gears Of Time

Logging Gears
Logging Gears

Some Additional Thoughts

Gears when combined with other parts or gears are powerful. Working as a unit the gears and the machines they’re part of, can accomplish and do many things.

The precision of technology will be more exacting in the future as repetitive tasks are handled by machines augmented with AI. Units and ways to achieve efficiency will also utilize AI. Gears Of Time once again.

I often think about life connectivities and I think gears are part of that connectivity. I keep mentioning how a group of gears working as a unit can accomplish many things.

From ancient water wheels that move water from irrigation canals to fields, and using gears to grind grain. So, yes gear usage is awesome and thru history is well documented.

Gears Of Time Precision Passion Possibilities
Precision Passion Possibilities

It’s clear that we all have gears. Some are mental and others are physical. They’re often difficult to maintain if something is out of balance.

If you’ve been on a Ferris wheel, you rode on technology that used gears. Every time you drive your car, your in a machine that uses gears.

And, you would know immediately if something were out of balance when in or on one of those.

More Units And Less Teams

Corporations of all sizes where the usage of teams is used need to adapt and change to units. Units accomplish things faster and in my opinion are much more effective than a team. Team Versus Unit definition.

A Leader working as a unit is unstoppable. If a Manager applied the same principles that would be something, wouldn’t it? I suppose just another opinion of mine, but I’d be right:-)

Gears Of Time Modern History

Gears are everywhere and will be with us for a long time. Long after were all gone. Those of the future will have a wonderful opportunity to see how the two fared.

Gears will be found in rubble, but will have won the battle of the two. That’s if there were anything to be won?


What part of the UNIT are you? Which gear are you currently in? What is your position? Are you making a difference? Is your Family UNIT suffering? Where is your TEAM NOW?

Whats Next For You
Whats Next For You


Comments welcomed. 🙂

Thank you! For visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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  1. I really enjoy your point of view about gears and the passage of time.

    The analogy is really fitting for a person to view how they fit within the gestalt of our world.
    And it first begins with self knowledge to discover what kind of ‘gear’ one is!
    Next, one has to find where they fit in!

    You’re very smart!
    Thanks for helping me think about my life in a different light.

    I’m going to look at my work in Newsography slightly more differently to see how those gears fit in.

    Thank you!


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