Handshake Or Heartache Any Difference

Handshake Or Heart Ache
Handshake Or Heartache

Handshake Or Heartache is there any difference? Do you think things are getting a little out of hand? LOL, I mean, regulating and banning handshakes because it might mean something sexual!!! To whom? Give me a break will ya?

Years, ago my brother while going to college got a job selling industrial products such as nuts, screws and bolts for Tacoma Screw. His area covered mostly the farming land in and around areas in western Washington state. Imagine that being one large sales area covering many miles.

I had just moved to the state after my honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and was staying with my brother, and for something to do went out on a few sales calls with him. Those were the days, when it was suit’s and tie’s. Even in rural communities.

But, we grew up partially in rural communities and so did most of my family. We all liked hanging out at my Aunts house. Where on hot summer days it was a requirement to collect cow pies. 🙂

Boyhood Hangout
Boyhood Hangout

But, farmers were always skeptical when a “snake oil salesmen” anyone in sales that is, who came a knocking, especially those in a suit out on a farm. 🙂

The Story Continues

Back to the story. On one occasion, my brother once shook a mans hand that was covered in cow shit. I’d say manure but, shit is the right word to use to illustrate a point. Because it conjures up the right image ( yeah we all like images ).

The Sales Call

On this day we were out near Pe Ell, Washington and a guy wanted to see industrial products. So we headed out to his farm.

At the farm, his cows were out and the farmer was chasing and herding the best he could to get them back into the barn.

There was cow shit all over (well it is a farm), it had recently rained so the ground was pretty muddy in the barn yard. Nevertheless, if you knew my brother…

In a flash he was out the car door, in the mud and shit, chasing and herding cows too. I got out and stood there watching. Damn, I wish I had a camera. LOL.

Handshake Or Heartache

The ordeal was over in about 20 minutes. The farmer having not said a word until after the cows were in the barn, walked over to by bother, who was now covered in mud and shit, shook his hand.

It was one of the biggest orders that Tacoma Screw had in that sales district ever. it was a handshake and not a heartache.

My brother and many like me were taught that handshakes were more than sexual liberation or some kind of other meaning even in a work place.

Stop creating meaning out of nothing. Hands can be covered with many disgusting things. But, after the handshake go wash your hands if you want.

Go a head and ban handshakes, Liberals don’t seem to get it. (_ _ _ _ Them. )

Maybe there are other reasons behind this and we should all pay more attention.

I will always offer my hand for friendship, business and support.

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  1. I so loved reading this! It’s so ridiculous some of the stuff that is happening today.. and what a lovely story regarding your brother.

    • Alexa, Thank you for that nice comment. I think we all have life moments that make sense to talk about. And, with what’s going on in the news with this article, it struck a nerve with me. The memory of that day, is still a good one. 🙂

  2. Now companies are considering banning all types of physical contact. Um, mouth to mouth will have to be rethought. https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2019/04/29/goodbye-handshakes-some-companies-considering-banning-all-physical-contact-in-workplace/

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