Haifa Israel Fish Story

Haifa Israel Fish Story
Haifa Israel Fish Story

I was in Haifa Israel a few years ago for a cyber security talk.   On a day off, I went out to the beach to swim, cool off and take in a little sun. (NO SUN SCREEN). 

It was nice just standing in the water up to my neck and gently floating with the tide. Brought floods of memories from when I was a kid growing up in California. Always and I mean everyday as kids we were at the beach.

Then, out of nowhere little fishes started to nibble on my legs.  I have watched river monsters. So, letting out a damn! More like a “WTF” but not very loud. But, loud enough I suppose as

An, Israel dude started laughing and came over and said point blank. “You look like white bread”,

I said excuse me!  He said “You need to keep moving so the fish don’t nibble on you and you look like food”

Well, after that had a short chat.  But. The damage was done. The fish was funny but I realized that I was pretty sun burnt. Beat red.

I knew this wasn’t going to be a good week at all.  I asked around and a massage parlor was recommended by the hotel. So I went next door.

OK it was a great massage parlor next to the hotel as they said, walking distance. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…It wasn’t like that. I went there looking for oils and Dead Sea salts that would help the burn.

Got all checked in after I asked them about sun burn treatment. I was skeptical but they said they could help. 


I wish I could remember the oil brand and name because that was the first time I had a massage with oils and special salts from the Dead Sea, and was very relieved that it actually took out all the burn pain. And, it never came back, the pain that is.

I left a big tip and put this on my expense report as medical intervention. 

I smelled like lavender for a week. 🙂

Haifa Israel

It was a good trip where I also had made several new friends. 🙂

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