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What The Flock Visiting The Zoo
What The Flock

Zoo adventures falls within the Circle Of Miles. Yes, the circle of miles that defines our own little travel circle. Within 100 miles in any direction there is something to do and see. Things that can be new and exciting will be seen today. Yup, confident that the critters won’t be all sleeping. 🙂

Well, I’ve not been to the zoo in a long time so this should be fun. I’m going to walk real slow behind the rest of the group. and take pictures today. Just fun pictures nothing that requires tripod and all the fixings that go with that. Hand held today.

Well, this is actually a month later…But, still fun for me to go thru and create this posting.  Enjoy a family trip with me. 🙂

Today’s Circle Of Miles

Take a look at a map and draw a circle in a 100 mile radius from your home you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do and see right where you live.  We don’t get much out of our home zone.  And, within that zone lies our commute paths. To and from work. And, on weekends an occasional trip across the mountains or into the city.

Within those same and familiar 100 miles, are many adventures waiting to be discovered. It should not all about taxes when your hanging out with your family doing new and exciting things.

Woodland Park Zoo Circle Adventure is today.  Actually it has been a couple of weeks since the zoo visit. :-).

Today's Circle Of Miles
Today’s Circle Of Miles

On GPS the zoo is listed as 33 miles from home. That is well within the circle of miles. SO……

Lets go!

Kindness Was Shown Today

When we arrived at the zoo, as always the parking lots are full and you have to drive around looking for a spot. Then play stalkers, following those leaving, back to their cars hoping to be first for a spot to park. Well, that happened to us. Followed some people and saw them open the car doors.

We had our blinker on. 🙂

Parking Ticket

The dude then walks over towards us and gave us his parking pass that was still good for the remainder of the day! THANK YOU SIR! PAY IT FORWARD!

Images From The Zoo

Entry Ticket
Entry Ticket

Although I took a full frame and a crop factor camera , a lot of the images will be taken with my iPhone. Just doing something different today and it’s much lighter for quick shots.   And, who knows It might take me a couple of weeks to get images off camera.

Yellow Flowers
Yellow Flowers
Start Of The Trail
Start Of The Trail

A Few Images of The Day

My workflow is sometimes delayed when taking images off compact flash cards. So, here you go. A few images from the zoo visit off various devices these are the ones I liked.  

Animals Found Along The Way
Animals Found Along The Way


There were a few of these signs throughout the zoo.  Spring for the critters seems to start a little later. 🙂

Birds Closed
Birds Closed

There were a few birds that we could view and I captured a few shots.  All images were with my 7D or 5D.   I really should have taken a picture of the names of the birds.

Larger Animals

I only saw the Zebras and Griaffes out today at this spot.  Elephants and rhinosorus were not really close enough to get images of today.

One  Giraffe was out the others were in a different location.


I always thought the Zoo had more reptiles.  there could have been more but we rushed thru this exhibit as it was pretty crowded.  So, with that in mind I might have to make another trip later in the year.

Fun Animals

Life In The Trees
Life In The Trees

Some Short Videos

I did take a a few video’s that I briefly edited. And, here are a few short clips from that effort.

Back From The Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo Entrance
Woodland Park Zoo Entrance/Exit
Clowning Around

Leaving the zoo I turned around and captured this view. The view is very different as the summer begins.

Not a lot of time, but we spent 4 hours at the zoo on Sunday. Some animals weren’t out yet. Must be something to do with just entering spring. While we weren’t at the zoo for very long it was fun being out in the nice weather. It was mid sixties and was awesome to be outside without a coat.

Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect

I really wanted to see the butterfly attraction. The Woodland park zoo has one of the coolest butterfly houses around. But, do to the snow we had this year, the habitat was damaged and won’t be repaired until May.   Looks like another trip is pending. 🙂

Everyday Adventures

While not everyday can be an exciting adventure, we can make sure that we at least bond with family and friends more often and that alone can be a great adventure.

Just An Aside

This post wasn’t to be about that part of zoos but more along the lines of a fun day that is supposed to be mid sixties(It Was) and to see things we might not normally see in our own backyard.

Still, I thought I’d add a few links about zoos and what is taking place to help them keep animals healthy and content.

For some, zoos are controversial. There are good and bad cases for animals in captivity. I believe that it’s necessary to bread animals in captivity because certain animals that are nearing extinction in the wild need our help.

And, zoos good or bad have improved the conditions of the animals over the past many years. Old zoos were deplorable when it came to keeping animals healthy.

The zoo’s of today use scientific data and studies to help keep animals healthy and able to bread in captivity. That includes animals nearing extinction.

AI Animal Husbandry For Zoos

While animal husbandry is more often associated with animals that have been domesticated (farm animals etc..) , some of the same techniques should be used with zoo animals. AI is entering all facets of our lives even the animals. 🙂

Zoo animals, in my opinion are partially domesticated, because they are not hunting and living out in the wild and have food given to them at controlled times of the day. They would not survive if released into the wild.

AI (artificial intelligence) Can and should be used in the wild the best we can by safely tagging animals where migration , hunting and breeding patterns can be analyzed. A few links of where AI is being used to help with zoo animal management.

AI ZOO Programs

The wild data can be used in zoos for better breeding programs and for comparison with wild and captured animal habits.

This just might be the the very idea that will allow for repopulating species near extinction in the wild. Managed AI programs that combines domesticated versus wild animal data will help ensure future generations have knowledge of the wild kingdoms all around us.

Some Zoo Links

I did a search and came up with a few zoo links that I felt had some related content to add to this post. There are many zoos and these zoos and articles listed have some additional reading on the subject.

Look up the membership that your local zoo has. Often there are lots of free perks. Family memberships are great because you also get to take guests and are first to be invited to special events that the zoo has during the year.

And, most of the memberships can visit sister zoos across the country for nice discounts when a member of a particular zoo. Something I did not know.

Well now. The link for the best zoos of 2019 had some interesting choices. I think I should make a point in trying to visit as many of those as I can.

Regardless Get Out And About

In most cities, including traffic in the Seattle commuting has gotten worse. We have highways near mountains, and in most areas where the roads can’t really be expanded, light rail and HOV lanes have tried to take up the slack and ease some of the congestion found on the highways.

While weekends don’t have the same volume of traffic as a normal commute day, the roads have so much traffic that you need to account appropriately for the extra travel times.

Can’t always plan for a perfect day. So, just have fun and enjoy what it is your doing.


If we did not take the time to venture out in our circle of miles, we might not have experienced the person giving up the remaining balance for parking. Not only that I have a lot of gratitude for my family, something that is often overlooked in a digital world.

I love my circle of miles and it was even better today with family.

When I first started this post I had no idea it would be this long. 🙂  And, as I stated organizing my thoughts and images I decided to make this into kind of like our day at the zoo.

Just Sharing Part Of My Day

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this posting today.  I really need to get out and about more.  A long post yes, but a fun one to do. 🙂

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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