Floating In A Dream

Floating In A Dream Nurse
Floating In A Dream Nurse

As medicine moves into uncharted territory with the usage of AI for preventive maintenance and predictions for long term care, where will the nurses fit in? Will beside manner and patient feelings be move involved with care?

Using Dreams In Healthcare

Interesting as it seems dreams are also being analysed by some for merit in dreams predicting medical state.

Hats Off To All Nurses

A week of notes about nursing and healthcare. There are several nurses in my family. What about yours? Do you you have nurses or family members in healthcare?

A Health Affairs study comparing patient-satisfaction scores with HCAHPS surveys of almost 100,000 nurses showed that a better nurse work environment was associated with higher scores on every patient-satisfaction survey question. Alexandra Robbins

Innovations In Healthcare

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Nurses Week

This image available in HD. 🙂

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