Attempted Coup

Attempted Coup A Wrong Coup
Wrong Coup

Attempted Coup, but who can resist a caddy such as this? But the catchy title is cool huh! But, what coup is being attempted? Well, at least for this post. In my opinion, our kids minds. I’m afraid it’s more than an attempt.

Were attempting to limit and make disgust of all past thoughts images and ideas.

When universities start getting rid of works of art, books and data on historical figures.


Attempted Coup And Problems

I’m sorry you’ll have to pretend what your seeing is what your seeing or supposed to see when your told to see. ! HA LOL

You’re censorship is unfounded and will only grow more discontent, and in doing so fosters more contempt for life itself. This kind of blatant censorship breads hate by limiting thoughts on both sides of an isle.

The malleable minds of our kids entering higher level of education should be guided and not told how to think.

The Fix Is In

Controversial historical figures like Christopher Columbus and Woodrow Wilson have consistently drawn student outrage and protest, as have Confederate monuments, but other more beloved figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are also beginning to attract controversy.

Yeah, the student outrage or what they’ve been told is the outrage.

Cheating Fix

Kids going to college, should earn it. Like it always has been. And, those dumb as rock kids, oops those with grades less than average, have parents with money doing such a disservice to their own kids, that the kids should be taken away from them.

Cheating and now those cheaters, to avoid or understand prison life are turning to prison consultants. !!! LOL LOL Those poor people, lock them all up.

As parents and educators, we owe our kids a service to teach and not tear down. To, understand and be mindful of the past and to use that past to build on a future and not a censorship that teaches nothing at all.

Yes, we have a problem.

Censorship in our higher schools of thought and parents buying their kids way into school. For all that money to cheat the system, now the system is cheating you and your kids with blatant censorship. Thanks for your support.

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Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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