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PTSD and depression affects so many of our veterans. Reach out to a veteran you know and show him/her some appreciation! 🙂 Often many of us just turned 17 and joined the ranks of servicemen and women who just wanted to defend this country.

PTSD/WHO is not just a problem for those the United States. It seems, globally this is a pandemic affecting all humans. Not just a few. The headlines from multitudes of news sources show the stresses that life is causing for many.

So, where is the research on what’s causing the most PTSD? War, death, famine, being poor? Dictators keep the spoils of (war) all tho themselves? Research is out there and should be made available to us all.

And, a big one that still after years that I bet causes PTSD.


Veterans Experience

I’m a veteran and experience some of these very issues. Its debilitating for me at times. Those of you, who know me would never guess.

That’s because I isolate and stay pretty much to myself anymore. Hell you wouldn’t even know I was your friend and for that matter “Where In The World Is Joseph! ” 🙂 Depression sucks.

I try to get out and about. And, when I get hungry after 2 or 3 days, I go get groceries. But, part of PTSD for me, is avoidance and procrastination.

But, If I don’t reach out to you, you won’t reach out to me. Thus affirming, well just affirming. 🙂 It’s a two street as in the quote below from Chesty Puller. Up and down the chain of command. 🙂

This isn’t about me though, It’s about what are you doing or are you doing anything to avoid PTSD or understand it? Is that how you are, by staying to yourself? You stay away from people for one reason or another?

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Drugs and PTSD

What’s the perceived correlation between PTSD and the use of drugs? ”
 When a person is in danger, the brain triggers the “fight-or-flight” response. “

There are some that need stronger drugs (opiates) due to medical conditions. But, opiates are expensive and most often prescriptions are sold on the street for cash.

Cannabis also known as weed or marijuana helps many with PTSD. And, is safer than alcohol or opiates. Further studies should be done for effectiveness with PTSD.

PTSD and Drugs
PTSD and Drugs

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Look Out After Our Own

My definition, the definition that I’ve always believed in, is that esprit de corps means love for one’s own military legion – in my case, the United States Marine Corps. It means more than self-preservation, religion, or patriotism. I’ve also learned that this loyalty to one’s corps travels both ways: up and down. Chesty Puller

PTSD Definition

PSTD Definition
PSTD Definition

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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