So It’s True! Dreams Are Magic

While, I’m working on a new rendering machine. Truth be told, it will also be a great gaming machine. 🙂

Dreams are meant to be lived and not placed on a back burner, where ideas, go to die the death of non-action.   I keep an idea log, a book of sorts for new ideas.  Many years ago I would always have a pen or pencil and a small notepad with me for notes and ideas.   Now that we have recording devices that can record video and audio, along with an amazing amount of free and paid programs that can be used to quickly save and work on your ideas…

I keep the ideas rolling weather good or bad. On review I might toss a bunch of them out, but the point is you need to start right where you are and start a idea log.


But, all those ideas will be just that.  IDEAS.  Ideas, without action and those notebooks, recordings and video’s go unheard.

Get out and live and create some dreams of your own that aren’t just ideas to talk about when you’re old and on the death bed. Well you know back in the day when you had the strength desire and willingness to learn new things….

Now’s not the time to hesitate.

Keep a mind’s eye on topics that are youthful and absorbing. New and wonderful ideas that can be shared with everyone, should be the plan of the day.  A, brain that’s not used, is pretty darn sad.  

So, yes it’s true there are butterfly’s at night. 🙂

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Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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