Virtues On Fire Summers Hot

Sun Flower - Happy Sunday
Sun Flower – Happy Days

Virtues On Fire Summers Hot or Summers hot virtues on fire? Not sure why I choose that for a title of this blog post. But, I did. Sitting here staring at my screen, I thought how wonderful that when it’s summer we shed our cloths and clothes, other coverings and head to the beach and do the fun things outside.

Thank you Beaches!

Thank you beaches of the world for all those wonderful web cams! The sand and cool waters never looked so good! 😉

Camera In Tow

On another note. 🙂 I’ve taken a lot of pictures at many places including my friends houses. When I come out to play after being a hermit, I do try and grab the camera.

Who Cleans Their House?

Some decorate better then I and I really liked this flower as it was sitting on a table with cool background on the wall. Did a little DOF magic and this is what was captured.

Mindfulness – Trying

Trying to find peace with internal “mindfulness” These quick posts have been helping.

Thank you my friends!

Thank you! For visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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