Buried Alive

Buried Alive
Buried Alive

Buried Alive

Have you ever been buried alive?  I mean not in a casket or anything like that. Nothing strange, but just being buried alive at play or by accident?

I have.

The summer to remember.

Summer To Remember

All of us cousins were up at my grandma’s and grandpa’s cabin one summer as we often would do during our summer vacations. Not everybody all at the same time, but, this one summer was very cool as all of us were there at the same time!  I’m not sure if we ever repeated that but it would have been awesome.  We had tents setup. There were trailers around. The pontoon boats and boats were in the water and there was a lot of activity everywhere.

Adults And Kids Having Fun

The adults would be doing their thing while us kids basically separated by the age rings (groups). Younger cousins, middle cousins and the older cousins. Yup the ones that got us younger ones in trouble. 🙂 Well not really but it was pretty cool. 

Capture The Flag

Occasionally all of us would gather for capture the flag type of games in the woods.  The collection of snakes and frogs was quite impressive.  However, I still don’t like snakes much. Frogs no problemo.

Fireflies Crushed Again

Another confession, I used to squish fireflies on my clothes to see them glow.  But, the last time I was home visiting, I saw them in a new light as they were so abundant they looked like little glowing flying stars. I was pretty impressed.  Kid memory impressed and happy to experience that again.

The Sand Pit

On this special summer we all went back to the sand pit to mess around. It was a nice walk on those old Michigan roads, trees on both sides of the road along with the swamps and water life. I did not like swamp boogie stories at all!  However, you have to remember this was over fifty years ago.  But, I remember that day very clear.  We got to the sand pit and as kids do raced to the top of the pit and stared running and jumping off into the waiting sand below.  Some, landed on their feet, others not so well. But, we kept it up anyway.

Digging The Tunnel/Hole

We started to dig a tunnel/hole about 3 feet down from the top bank.  It was coming along real well and I recall it was my turn to dig.  By this time the tunnel/hole was about 4 feet back and remember, it was 3 feet down from the side of the bank. I was 8 or 9 at the time so I was a small kid digging in this tunnel/hole.  Before entering the tunnel/hole there were some people on the top of the bank still running and jumping.

Then it caved in on me.  3 foot above and 4 feet back of sand.

I never told anyone this not even my brother or cousins.  I haven’t given it much thought until recently, as, I’m working on some personal things and this memory came up that I wanted to share.

Feelings And Thoughts During Collapse

The air was thrust from my lungs as I felt snot eject from my nose.   My eyes were open at the time and they felt nothing but pain and pressure.  My ribs hurt and I felt a darkness and a hurt that I’ve not experienced again in life.  At least from that kind of pain.  But, for all practical purposes I think I was dead that day.

Step Bank On Sand Pit Hill

The sand pit had a fairly steep bank leading up to the tunnel/hole and as the bank collapsed on me, (think avalanche on a snow covered mountain as the snow travels downhill).  The bank was steep enough that as I rolled down the hill more and more sand uncovered me until I got to the bottom where it seemed everyone was digging me out.

I Heard A Voice

However.  Right after the collapse and during, I heard a clear voice saying everything was going to be OK.  With each successive role down the hill, there were arms around me, gently tugging out a little each time until I got to the bottom.   I was completely out at the bottom, when I seemed to jump up, with cousins rushing over to see if I was all right and brushing off sand and such.

Crying And Scared

I was crying and scared. I had sand on every part of my body.  But, you know where my eyes were open and felt the burning and pain… I had no sand in my eyes at the bottom of the hill!

I was OK.

Was All This Imagined

Maybe I imagined it all and just rolled down to the bottom and you guys dug me out and the voice I heard was one of you. I always thought it was you guys which still would have been a miracle.

Looking back I believe that it was a miracle.  I was young and didn’t know what just happened, with the voice and gentle guidance down the hill.  But, I can say today, it definitely was a miracle.

I still don’t know what my purpose is and why I was saved that day. But, I’m grateful for all of you for being there.


The Resurrection miracle is nothing to you and me if it is only an event of eighteen centuries bygone. Unless we can live the immortal life – unless we can receive God to his own home in these hearts of ours – the texts are nothing to us unless these daily lives illustrate them. Edward Everett Hale

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