Potato Harvest

Potato Harvest and beyond. The potato has been a staple in many families food pantry for thousands of years. It’s one of the few crops that can feed the hungry and eliminate starvation.

The potato’s on the image I created. I only planted about 7 seed potato’s this year as a test of the yellow potato bought at local grocery store. And, I’m so happy to report that from those 7 plants I got about 30 lbs of potato’s.

To some that isn’t much but when you think about how easy there were to plant and the minimal cultivation I did, I was certainly impressed with the yield. And, being organic they tasted wonderful.

Cost Savings

The cost of potatoes isn’t all that expensive when you consider you can buy a 5 lbs bag of potatoes for around $3.00. And, organic for around $5.00 per 5 lbs, approximately $1.00 per pound. So, I saved 30.00 because mine were organic.

It might not be much but each small bit you can save is a good thing.

History Of The Potato

A Fun History Review

The potato in all it’s form has been a primary crop that is grown around the world.

Can you say potato chip?

Get Out And Plant

You can plant potato’s in small areas and you don’t need many plants to get a few great meals. 🙂

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