The Great American Tragedy

The Government Shutdown

Recent and ongoing issues with the Government shutdown have opened my eyes to an ongoing crises that we’ll all face someday.

A little after the fact as there has been so much in the news lately. So, it’s time I get my thoughts out there and published on the last government shutdown. (10/2/20)

We see countries fighting and trading for food. Dictators and socialists blocking food and hospital shipments. And, yet we could have the same crises with nothing really being done about it.

I”ll explain in this post the best I can, what I believe is “The Great American Tragedy”. and one that everyone seems to ignore. Well, it’s actually several things that are in play. And, it won’t matter if your employer is government or in the private sector, when a crises strikes.

Huh? What does this mean exactly? What is the crises and are there solutions. We all know a shutdown was avoided at the last minute with President Trump signing the bill to keep the government open and declaring a “National Emergency”

We Must Remove The Blame

Lets start here, shall we? We must remove the blame for all the following items.

This definitely is my opinion but most media outlets and all the individual posts on social media, have actually clouded the main issue. Not necessarily with “FAKE NEWS” either.

But more like the points of view and opinions from media outlets and social media platforms are constantly slamming those who want border security including the “WALL”.

Furloughed Media outlets Oh they don’t have money for this, they don’t have money for that, they are going to food banks for this, that and the other.

  1. High Taxes
  2. Food Costs
  3. Medical Bills
  4. Government Jobs
  5. Low Paying Jobs
  6. No Jobs
  7. Snow Jobs
  8. Food Banks

Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.

John F. Kennedy

It’s Truly Everyone’s Issues

Interesting Information On Furloughs

Government workers are furloughed and not really laid off.

Can Also Draw Unemployment

Removing the blame on many issues due to High taxes (1) at all levels, Federal, State, Counties and cities, food costs are soaring (2), and, $15 dollars an hour for crap jobs.

Medical bills remain at an all time high and the “Obama Care Era” Issues after all, affect all Americans because primarily that system is an attempt at pushing us to socialism. Not everyone will agree but that’s OK and open to honest debate. Master debaters deserve to be heard!

Savings At All Time Low

It didn’t take this shutdown to know that we don’t save as much as we should. Our savings are in a bad state of personal financial preparedness. It doesn’t matter if you work for the government or not. Many in the government and private sector live paycheck to paycheck.

Food Banks In Need

But, Going to food banks 2 weeks after the government shutdown. Damn, food shelter and clothing. Take away food and what might happen?

The blind leading the blind as in “bird box”. Another tragedy is not having enough medicine and water to last for any amount of time.

The Mormon’s reference for food storage is a great place to start ) .

Our homes and acreages are getting smaller or practically non-existence any longer ( NOTE: URBAN FARMER reference below) and that means less space for sustenance.

Quoted From:

Check out the full breakdown of median savings account balance by age:

This chart from Smart Asset, shows a break down of savings by age groups. The numbers are scary and like throwing a pair of dice on your future.

  • Under 35 :- $1,580
  • 35-44:- $5,000
  • 45-54:- $6,500
  • 55-64:- $8,500
  • 65-74:- $10,000
  • 75+:- $11,000

65% of all Americans don’t have savings for the tough times ahead.

High Taxes

Americans and those living and working in the United States must pay income taxes. When you work for an employer they must report the earnings you’ve made to the federal government. And, not telling how that information is split among those agencies when money is received.

Taxing those that make a lot of money. 300,000 plus a year more just because there able to make more is bad practice. Especially since much of the money most likely goes to causes most don’t approve of.

  • Road and Highway Taxes
  • License Plate taxes
  • Property Tax
  • State Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Death Tax

Prepping Future Victory Gardens


Victory gardens were popular after WWII it was a way families could help put food on the table in a post war era. Today, I’d like to think that those same victory gardens should be named freedom gardens. But, many states, counties and city governments don’t allow you to grow gardens on property any more. Even if you have a lawn that turns brown in the summer. Nope can’t grow.

Prepping is the only way to go. Can and process home grown foods. And, in some cities around the country it is illegal to grow personal victory gardens! #What
( NOTE: URBAN FARMER reference)

we need to bring freedom gardens back with a vengeance. That to me says more about family than the entire issues at hand.

Food Banks

A CNN Report On Food Banks

Some Government Data ON Food Banks

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Medical Bills

Why are prescription medicines on the increase and cannabis or marijuana isn’t truly legal for medicinal reasons. Recreational is alive and well. Provides taxes and regulation for the governing agencies.

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Immigration Issues

Now that I’ve talked about what I think are some major issues. I agree with the shutdown. The government with its high speed data gathering and processing know exactly how this is going to affect the population.  

Than hate me. That’s what most people do now a days don’t they? Any opinion other than their own is wrong.

Media Took Our focus off these issues.

Has the media been the most complicate in the portraying of President Trump in a constant bad light despite the numbers about jobs and economy?

Foreign govenments that have dictators in most cases

We are ignoring the basic surviability of life. During diasters and different parts of the country have differnt things to deal with.

We’re ignoring the basic surviability of life.

Thank you! For visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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