NEW HUMAN SPECIES FOUND IN PHILIPPIANS allowed me to create a short quick post that was triggered by a link I found on the drudge report. Hey! I review many more sites than the drudge report. 🙂 But, this announcement was kind of cool, and the headline link caught my attention and I clicked on it.

New Human Species Found
New Human Species Found


This post really isn’t so much about the new human species but, what I found interesting when looking into this new bit of news. And, this news is old. Still, I will continue with my post. I actually started this post quite a bit ago. I did some more reading on the subject and then decided to complete this posting.

News Aggregators.

I use news sites similar to the drudge report because I like having links readily available for me to continue my research or reading. I can’t tell you how many times, links from an aggregator saved my content preparation butt with research information. But, I will anyway. A lot of times, the upfront links can speed up reading that I’m interested in.

Clicked Link To WSJ

When I had clicked on the link it took me to the wall street journal site which is behind a paywall. You know pay before you finish reading the article.

Paying for costs associated with a story is why most are going behind paywalls. But, it’s frustrating when you want to read an article and it’s behind a paywall. Nope won’t pay for that today.

So far news hasn’t been all informative or great, where I’d want to pay for it. You never know what is filtered at that point. I’d rather did for news that I like.

Using Search Term

I searched on the text “Evidence of New Human Species Found In Philippines” and came up with many, many sites with the same and similar information.

Screen Image Capture
Screen Image Capture

With the European union regulating links via a new law,  I believe that Article 13, will have a dramatic effect on content displayable on the web or any digital platforms.

Independent content creators and sites that reference news sites and aggregate sites could soon be shut down or have to pay for the content it posts or links too.

Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other photo sharing and content sites, will be responsible for policy pertaining to copyrighted materials as hosted on their sites.

New Species

Well, back to the new species. I think there are so many undiscovered places still left to be found on earth. Lets get out and investigate your surroundings. The circle of miles just might help you discover what is your back yard.

Paywalled sites

I have nothing against paywalls, Heck I’d like to have my blog make 3 – 5 dollars a day. That would pay for my domain and hosting fees. And, i’m investigating how I can make that happen. BUT, when I can search for the same topic and find it for free on multiple sites,


If what I want to read is readily available on the internet why would I purchase form a site with a paywall? I won’t pay.

Sooner or later who will own the news. Is it something I might report and do I own that? And, if others use my content without my consent and use it on YouTube what can I do about that?

Everyone is using everyone else’s work.

LED ZEPPELIN, CATY PERRY. Everyone copies, it’s up to use to decide if you want to pay or not.

I suppose that not all pay sites are bad. But, when the same information exists for free what do you do? There could come a time where if you want news the only way to get it is if you pay.


Thank you!

Thank you for visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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