Do Robots Want Your Job

We Want Your Jobs
We Want Your Jobs


One use case scenario would be AI monitoring your driving habits and making suggestions as to which roads you drive, the most, time spent in traffic, And, to possible start dinner on your way home.


This post is more about AI than robots. It’s the AI that will be a driving factor in the adoption of robotic use in many areas. Robots, will however be how people start to interact with physical AI so to speak. We’re already part cyborg. 🙂

What, you didn’t think having our mobile devices with us at all times was only for the news? We constantly look up facts to satisfy our need to want to know everything. Or, to make a point when in conservation with others.

Cellular Data Tracking

Cellular data is tracked. Every time your phone is on. Cellular towers know where that device is. If you also travel from you home to your work, your device pings wireless towers that many states have along highways. You could also be pinging business that strong wireless access points. Due to that tracking there is a digital map of your progress to where ever you’ve driven. Home-Work Home-School, Home-ToWhereEver.


The simple part of that question is NO. Currently robots are not the free thinkers that some would like them to be. However, the creators and manufactures of the robots would like the robots to do your job.

Over the past few years labor has actually decreased due to the use of automated AI Robots.

The use of Robots by business is actually starting to hinder and hamper real wages by employees. Employees don’t ask for raises because they feel they will loose their jobs by wanting more money and will be automated anyway.

However, not all robots will be used for nefarious purposes. In fact introduction of robots will make things easier for a number of things. And, with AI, have proven to be able to diagnosis x-rays negatives faster and more accurate than humans.

So partly the robots in some sense do want your jobs. That’s only partially true as the folks that create jobs will defiantly want to make robots a part of society. It could save a company a lot of money. But, then where would you work to get money for the necessities of life? Universal basic income will not work.

Robots Already In Use

Advanced Robots

Advanced robots will have the ability to tap into a variety of sources for making judgement calls based on analysis of many disparate pieces of information. That’s the ideal structure. Right? Audio, visual, sensors to detect contaminants and other things of interest that are either unknown or known.

Learning New Skill Sets

Robot Versus Human Competition

That’s according to the demoralized humans who played against the machines for money in a recent Cornell University-led experiment shedding light on what can happen to worker’s drive in an increasingly automated workplace.

Create A Robot That Looks Like You

I recently read an article from the Russian Times where they’ve added a human element to robots. YOU. They have been capturing digital likeness of people and making almost human looking robots.

The implications can have astronomical effects on humans. Someone could take your image and place it onto a robot. You’ll never know unless they sell a robot that looks like you.

What if robots/AI replace us?

What If they want to actually replace you. I mean you and I. Perhaps all of us?

Are we on the brink of jumping into a new era? In the near future, will machines and people have relationships with each other?”

Who Owns Our Image?

So, again I ask who should own or will own your image?

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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