Tales Of A Big Heart

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Tales Of A Big Heart

Tales Of A Big Heart

“Tales Of A Big Heart” is a beautiful song with the perfect harmony.

“Tales Of A Big Heart” shows you that you don’t have to be alone when you’re grieving. It’s a song that gives you strength to continue to love life and you will be able to get through it better and more whole-heartedly. It’s not about me. It’s about everything it is.”

Inspirational Thoughts

I asked her about what inspires her.

“I like to write about being vulnerable and being true to yourself,” she said. “That’s why I write it like this. It doesn’t bother me, to be honest.”

“I got lucky. I got my mom.”

Growing Up

She grew up in the burbs, the daughter of a schoolteacher, as the daughter of an engineer and a homemaker. Her father was a “hardworking, honest man. He had to work a lot,” while her mother worked two jobs to care for her eight kids.

“I had some bad moments, but I was always strong,” she said.

In a sense, her father was a muse.

“I was always inspired by him,” she said.

Poems And Stories

She would read him poems and stories when she was younger, and his stories filled the black hole that was in her soul. She would later read them to herself – or her cousin, or an old friend – and wonder exactly the same things about the world.

And, at some point, they would speak again, and they would talk about the poems she’d read to them. He had a great many tales, his stories were long, and his tales were long enough to last a lifetime.

Same And Similar

They were all like these, except for the part where he was the main character and she was just some girl whose friend had made her feel important. But it never occurred to her as she read. She just assumed it was part of the story.

In Conclusion . . .

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Tales Of A Big Heart

A story for all of us.

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