Christianity Under Attack

Catholic Churches Under Attack
Catholic Churches Under Attack

Since January of 2019, Catholic Churches in France have been vandalized at an alarming rate. Not only are they being attacked, in 2018 Pope Francis told a group of bishops that the church is being attacked by the Devil.

He also announced that the church will “fight the demons.” Not the way that many want to go.

The church needs pastors to hold the line at the Church. It needs them to maintain and expand Church teachings, and the clergy to keep up the good works they have already accomplished. It needs the leaders to hold each other accountable on issues that need to be resolved. The pastors need to hold each other and the people to the trust of the Bible and the saints, and that is how a good Church is formed.

Pope Benedict XVI warned that the destruction of Church values is happening. He warned in the beginning that destruction was coming . It was very apparent then, and remains now, that there is no one left to hold the line. And the people are losing faith. It’s not the loss of the Faith, the Faith is becoming the new faith in the way that the Church is being destroyed.

But, the attacks don’t stop with France do they? Nope, just in this past year more attacks took the lives of over 300 people occurred in Sri Lanka.

News of desecrated churches have been reported by many agencies. However it seems that news of desecration isn’t front page news. Like it should be.


I’m not sure of anyone’s beliefs but, I find the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral coincidental regarding various attacks taking place against the church. NOT. I mean NOT coincidental and more targeted.

Yes, and in Paris France a building that stood for nearly 850 years was destroyed causing irreparable repair. Engulfed in flames, and burning from the roof which is curious.

  • A Week Before Easter
  • Artifacts removed for the remodel

They say it can be repaired, but today’s craftsmen don’t have the same skills as to the early builders of the church. 850 years of past generations building thru Gothic ages, to create this great landmark.

It also appears that not only are churches being attacked but the religions as well. One religion attacks another and back and forth we go.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a huge symbol to western religion and cultures.

Conspiracy Idea

Well, OK, I wasn’t going to add one. This is also another way to take the focus off of what’s happening in France.

And, this is a blow or an attack on religion as a hole. There are bigger things at play here. One would think not but hey. Countries are wanting to shut the internet off of their country and to have greater control because of how news is reported and acted upon.

News agencies want to clamp down on people who have devices with cameras that can instantly report on some type of news worthy activity before they (the big news media companies) have a chance to get out and do actually reporting of the news.

Which brings up the point why rely on the likes of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ETC? News reporters can’t be in all places to handle the news. So, just try and discredit those in the feild or at acutlly places showing pictures and offering up commentary on incidents.

A Referenced Used

I came across this web site while researching ideas and found information to be informative and backed by lots of references.

Dark Times Seem To Be Here

The latest I can say from my readings seem to confirm all the issues that we all face. Troubled times are indeed ahead if we don’t watch out.

AN Oregon exorcist, who claims he has had the ability to conquer satanic forces since he was four, warned last week that modern American society, with its interest in things such as drugs and ouija boards, needs to take demonic possession more seriously.

When Evil Is Crazy

I’m not one to judge people but sometimes taking things to extremes is not the right thing to do. As, in home exorcism’s. Do they, exorcisms work?

Belief systems for all are starting to erode. Lets get back some sanity shall we?

Wag the tail, wag the dog, wag something. Things don’t seem to be working.

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