Deep In The Jungle


Deep In The Jungle

Deep in the jungle and treasure hunting for gold we found an old abandoned mining camp surround by fantastic statues.

The following is the account of how I came across this map of the jungle.

I have a lot of experience in exploring the jungle, being an avid outdoor enthusiast for many years now. I had just returned from a summer trip to North Borneo in the Philippines, where I had become a keen explorer and ranger of this most beautiful of all places.

Solid Gold Sunset
Solid Gold Sunset

While In Borneo

While in Borneo, I’d noticed that the locals who live on the land tended to have a very deep love for maps. They have this thing a lot in common; it’s a thing they have almost lost. Map Making.

I remember seeing some local people go through their ‘museum-room’ at Kuta, the village I was staying at for a weekend in August of 2011. It was this place where the local guides would come to get out their map and they’d show me the different places they had been.

Local Maps

Some locals will collect all sorts of map maps in order to get a general sense of their geographical layout. I have spent a lot of time around this area, but this is our first stop in the jungle where there is a place that has been abandoned for a thousand years and newly discovered.

It’s the kind of thing we’ve talked about when we first started. We were about to go in and dig up some gold and discover these old artifacts. As it turns out, the other people in this village don’t think that way.

Statues Of Interest

It was actually a good idea. As it turns out, the other villagers have a problem. We dig up stuff like statues from the past and the people are not happy about them. The statue that we dug up was like a giant human armature. On the top of the head the figure had arms, but it also had feet. The people thought that was very odd, to have feet attached to what should be a human body. So they had a thing against the statues.

So I ended up digging up that statue. I found a lot of small rocks and they’re just like statues. They look like small stones and are very beautiful and I love them so much I’ve put them in a box on the back of the boat.

Stunning Find

Stunning Stones
Stunning Stones

We were floating by it and I noticed a bunch of small rocks and I was just looking at them and a couple of the big ones are kind of like statues, they actually look like statues.


Oh, yeah, but it’s just the rocks. It’s beautiful to look at. I can’t stop seeing ’em.

Marshall: So, what is the most expensive stone that you’ve ever found?

Joseph: I think I’ve found about 15,000 to be exact. I’ve never really paid much attention to what I collect, but I do know that you have to get through really heavy, hard rocks. So, you have to get these in places that aren’t too rocky in terms of where you can actually find a couple, kind of, like a boulder or three, but very heavy stones. Like this one that’s very nice to look at.

I found these about 30 yards away and they remain some of my favorites.

Deep In The Jungle Get Busy Finding Your Gold

Fact or Fiction I Love the imagination of the mind.

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