Keep Them Back Push Them Back

Keep Them Back
Keep Them Back

As zombies make a run we must keep them back and hold down a line of retreat. We must play loud rock and roll music to keep them dancing and contained.

Deploy Units

We do that by deploying two units, one to hold and one to run, to take up the run from our rear, and one to stand close to our front. These two units are your front line and the one in your rear is your retreat line.

With two of the three units in hand you have the necessary tools to push back the zombies you are going to face. But as mentioned before, when faced with only two units against the undead, there is no choice but to go all in.

Stop The Horde

If the horde continues to advance you are likely to lose the units you deployed, but you will still continue to move forward. The reason that this works in the first phase is that the zombies that you don’t deploy yet will have fallen short and need to be retaken.

That is a very important thing to remember. The first phase of a game can get very close and very intense, but it can still end up being rather short. When the zombies fall short, they are gone.

You can choose a group of troops to continue the charge or make a move to stop a second wave.

Keep Them Back Push Them Back

After you have successfully blocked off your troops, if you have enough of a lead and you have the mobility to continue. With a successful charge you can stop or even rout the horde without losing anything. The horde can retreat, but they can’t be pushed back. This prevents the main army from falling completely behind either, leaving more time later with your reinforcements to move into an advantageous position.

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