Wicked Witch

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Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch. What the hell! Wicked Witch. What the hell! Wicked Witch. What the hell! . Say that 3 times fast then. ..

“It’s what happens in life — when you’re always thinking about yourself, what you want to accomplish and when life gives you chances, take them,” says Kravis. “If I would have taken the chances, when I was at an younger age, things might have been far different today”.

Witches Casting Spells

War On Everything

Are we now living in a country where not only are we dealing with the “war on terror,” but also the “war on the war” — with the “war” /”wars”, being about war-like, which are really about taking people’s liberties. Day after day news after news clips.

Seems like everyone wants wars of some kind.

Terror Is Everywhere

And with the war on terror, they’re also getting war-like, with aggressive foreign interventions. This is because of the very real and very deep power of terrorism to invade and destroy one’s way of life.

And, in a world of terror, mans’ best friend comes thru again!


But, who would have thought that it would come down to witches? WTF, kind of world are we living in.

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