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Time Salad

Time Salad

Time salad is a jumbo of life happenings that have altered your course and shaped your life. There isn’t a future only the now.

It’s been your life.  In this book, you’ll learn what exactly life can be like, and what to expect in the future. But more importantly, you’ll learn that there IS no future, only a journey of life itself.

And so, in a few words:
“So, this is the first step that leads to the final destination, which is not going to happen any more, or ever. It can be a wonderful journey, where everything is new and exciting, but it’s probably not really going to happen.  It’s a journey, with lots of twists and turns, but there is no way to predict where this journey will end up”

I’ll leave you with this line from John Lennon’s classic song “Imagine”:
You see me when it really changes
I’m the star that’s going to go out
This is my story / I’ve been waiting for you
So what will you

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 

With his mind full of regrets, he muttered to himself.

I, I, I’ll go back when I come back from the military. I’ll do everything that I want. I’ll get married, have children, and get married with the girl of my dreams. 」

In his deepest heart, a part of him had wanted to go back and do this as it was.

But, he couldn’t go back even if that were the case.

He was different from people like him, because he was already in his own world.

He wasn’t the type to think about those things.

He was completely immersed in those things, and for one reason or another, his mind has been shut away.

But the moment he heard those words of forgiveness, that was because his mind had been shut away. That was why, he couldn’t change his life.

――My Love, you have to see that. You have to look at my past

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