Cowboys Past Present Future

Cowboy Past Present Future
Cowboy Past Present Future

Not only are baby boomers retiring in large numbers, their parents are also passing on. And, that is creating or will create an interesting environment for us all. Cowboys too!

NO Really where have all the cowboys gone?

where have all the cowboys gone? To see the big show, and a little boy

tosses a football.

And it takes off like a rocket.

As he scores, he’s hit with this

aureolian curse, “Amen.”

It sounds like he’s

going to die.

Marshall’s trying to get him in the

hands. Marshall’s like, “Crazy old guy,

you’re really going to die.” He’s

like, “It’ll be alright,

I’m sure they’ll save me.”

And Marshall’s like, “You got to be kidding,

you’re going to die.” And Marshall

is just like, “Dude, this is so cool,

I wanna die with ya!

Marshall: “I’ll get to the ball again

in a heartbeat …

Joseph: “He’s going to get his feet

right under his feet!

But there comes this awful sound, Joseph lets out a huge


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