Space Goddess

Space Goddess
Space Goddess

Gazillion Stars

At night when you stare up at the gazillion stars, what do you seek? Wisdom, Power, Relaxation, Knowledge?  All the above? Or nothing?  The night sky can be beautiful without wanting anything other than to drift off into a dream. And, that excites my entire being.

Are We Alone

I’ve often wondered in a universe as expansive as ours why there isn’t definitive proof of, off world aliens. Even with all the devices currently in our possession, cameras on phones, actual cameras, and security cameras. Of course the military and all the gear that have for spying and the like. Where are the real images?

Does Real Proof Exist

We’re left to shows such as ancient aliens to help pose the question. “What If?” As dramatized as that show is I can’t help but wonder where are those people and how in the hell did things like pyramids found all over the planet actually get built?

Panic Would Ensue

Would full disclosures, if real, create massive panic attacks and mass suicides?  Would religion fall and crumble for billions of people?  

What the hell, I hope that this isn’t some massive simulation that were all living in.

Space Goddess

One thing for sure, when I look at the night sky, I can imagine anything I want. And, tonight’s no different as I see a “Space Goddess”

Another Space Goddess

Space Goddess
Space Goddess

And Another Space Goddess

Space Goddess
Space Goddess

Don’t Blame Me

I have an active imagination. As should you. So go and find your own space goddess. 🙂

The Moon! Artemis! the great goddess of the splendid past of men! Are you going to tell me she is a dead lump? D. H. Lawrence

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  1. Hahah space goddess and the line on don’t blame me. I have a good imagination. Simply awesome man

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