Snow Day In Mountains

Mount Rainier

Went up to Mount Rainier the other day for a little bit of chill out. :-). I don’t get out as much as I used to and this was a fun trip riding along.

As a boy growing up in Michigan we had our share of snow. I used to love getting out and sledding. While I’m older now, I don’t get out and play in the snow as much.

I used to love playing in the snow when I was just a lad. And, occasionally out and about for snow skiing and that has been a long time. But today though, it was a site seeing trip. A short trip at that but sill fun. Spent about 4 hours at Mount Rainier National Park taking in the sites and capturing a few pictures.

Its good getting out the full frame camera on occasion. Meaning I have an older canon 5D that still takes awesome images. That and my 24MM took these images.

A Few Images

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  1. Such a beautiful place Joseph! I live in Southern Greece and we don’t get to see such high and imposing mounts!! Your captures captured the essence!!!!!!!♥

    • I just did a search on southern Greece. Very beautiful islands and residences. Your comments and fellowship encourages me to try harder. Sometimes it’s difficult finding time for everything that I like to do. I appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

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