Reach For It

Reach For It
Reach For It

Having indecision often kills any possibility for advancement. Do I want it or don’t? Going to reach for it? Or just sit back? Indecision sets in while I do a little more pondering.

Labrador to the rescue. Nah, just going to listen to some music. No wait!!! Muzak. Yeah, smooth elevator jazz to melt the soul.

Or perhaps some good old rock and roll.

Wrong again. Youtube? um., amazon, Netflix, red-box, hulu, or whatever there is to distract from human interaction. I should get out IDA pro and have a fun.

That’s me. Hiding behind a monitor most days when I can. Still, when out and about can’t wait to get back home. But, this time I won’t be indecisive….

Hey whats the date today? Nope won’t put one. that way I’ll know that this post is only for the moment. So no date required.

And, that moment is.. Time to finish this up. Or add something else…

Indecision is a virus that can run through an army and destroy its will to win or even to survive. Wendell Mayes

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