Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth. Let’s not end in a tragic way. Embrace those whom you love a little longer. We need to wake up and demand that. These are the times we live in. You have my permission. Well you don’t really need my permission do it anyway.

Trouble Brewing In The Air

Everywhere you look, there’s trouble. We’re all warned of multiple evils and yet, until now, we’ve been blind to its presence. This generation has been raised on all kinds of media. The answer to every problem is on all viewable and audio platforms.

History Lessons

We read the pages of history with an eye for its lessons. This is what has enabled us to overcome adversity and even not become a victim. The internet allows us to connect with people across the world. Meanwhile social media fosters false trust and then eliminates guess work by using AI. AI that gives you its recommendations and not yours. One possible result is that man stops thinking for themselves. Or access to knowledge and truth is blocked.

Willing Confidence

Challenging and rewarding the people who help it succeed can build fake confidence. While doing things in a such a way that cause people to do things they don’t want to do but they do so willingly, helps us move up in the world or does it?

But how can you foster a healthy culture of self-improvement while also guiding people in safe ways and Should AI be our masters or should it be for our betterment?

Inspired To Wellness

All of us want to live lives that inspire us to be happier and healthier, whether that’s through wellness, reading more, exercising, or taking a creative course or pursuing another field of study. The danger is that the people around us seem hell bent on control.

Let’s Not End In A Tragic Way

Let’s not end in a tragic way. An explosive chain reaction will follow if you give into the influence of fear, pessimism, and despair. Nobody should have to suffer in silence, alone. The spring is in the air, and we can all feel it. A crisis will be upon us very soon, and we need to start working together to bring about positive changes otherwise there will be no hope.

Move your mountains and fields, your villages and cities. We need to move. Let the power of abundance flow into our world! Let everyone know about water, vegetables, and that incredible sea.

We Must All Do This

  • Let all the creativity come forth
  • Let’s do things that aren’t necessarily traditional
  • Let us give it all the attention it needs

The Thought And Idea

He sits back waiting for the bus, preparing to make an announcement that will give him an opportunity to speak without interruptions. He opens his mouth, and then closes it. When he opens it again, there is not a single sound emanating from it, not even the slightest hint of life, nor does he utter the slightest syllable. Just an empty, vaporous void.

Scorched Earth

The sun shines hot and bright and has completely set the world on fire.

Let’s Pray.

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