Awaking Of Malaise

Calm Cool Collective, Awaking         Of                Malaise,
Calm Cool Collective

You sit there calm cool collective

A gentle smile presents itself

Open to the thought of connecting

But constantly on guard.

Your mind must guard and carefully control

It’s hard to know what the collective is really about.

‘Please have my privacy,’ your mind begs.

Right then your thoughts begin to hum.

You can hardly breathe.

Your mind is in total charge.

And your real personality takes over.

With the imagination playing its own role

You get in control.

And then suddenly the quietness falls,

You find yourself slightly awake.

Then you wake up completely

There’s a strange feeling

And it breaks your heart.

I wish to meet you

The hand inside your head speaks.

The dream as quickly as it arrived is gone forever.

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