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Smelling Daises Meaning Of Life
Smelling Daises

Continued thoughts and Ideas… What are hidden meanings of life, if they exist? I don’t think that it’s really 42. :-), Still, I wish that I knew the meaning. However that would be wishful thinking and not very realistic for me. Nevertheless, I must try.

Looking For The Meanings

Why I don’t know. But I do. I do so by looking for the meanings of life the best I can by researching my past.  Is that wrong?  Looking to the past in order to see the present could be a good thing.

I know this sounds contrived because it is, but that’s where I get my big breakthroughs.  I do realize that the meanings of life may never be found.  Can the highly complex world we live in be made simple enough to find the meaning of life or just some simple meaning?

Life’s meaning is often just a matter of taking your eyes off of other things and focusing on the things in front of you.  Just thinking about why your road turns, why you won’t live up to the high standards others judge you by.

  Wait…  Stop… Stop That.

You look up at the stars and wonderingly know, “Simple things in life aren’t missing, just forgotten.” 

You See, you’ve let your mind bully you for far too long!  We all require food shelter and clothing which are basically the necessities of life.  We could wonder why we only have the basics. We could wonder why we don’t have millions of dollars and more than just the basics.  We could wonder why we don’t have jobs or careers. Couldn’t we? I’d say we’d be wondering a long long time.  We could wonder who in the hell stole my Tonka Truck when I was a kid! Dammit!  Meaning Of Life and that spin cycle life continues churning regardless.

Smell The Daisies

It’s time to stop and smell the daisies’.  The rat race must end, it’s time to stop and smell the daisies’ once again.  The endless meetings, meaningless to all but a few must end. Human productivity and creativity seem lost, abandoned and misused.  And in, that “must end” we need a beginning. Don’t we?

Here are a few of the things I’m slowly discovering: Life isn’t meant to be lived for pleasure only, it’s meant to be lived for meaning. If we can’t find meaning in our life, we won’t have any life left to live.

I’ve written this because I want to find more meaning in my life and I think these words might help you.  Hell, I’m still looking for meaning and if you’re looking for meaning too, let’s take the journey together.  

Sooner or later I’ll degrees as It seems to be my part of my nature. Though I hope it’s sooner in the day that I think these are fine words to live by.  Meandering along written with thought or so it seems. Now I wonder what you’re going to do about it.

Fake It Until I Make It

Meaning Of Life: Fake it until I make and never give up! And that goes for this incomprehensible dialog too!

Semper Fi

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

This article was collaborated on by using chatGPT and images I’ve created with MIDJOURNEY. A fun orchestration by me. 🙂 All images available in higher resolution.


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