In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb

In Like A Lion
In Like A Lion

Lions, Lambs And What Else

This saying has been round for a number of years. “In like a Lion and out like a Lamb”, has been used to describe the turbulence and harshness that winter takes into spring. While spring brings out the calmness of the Lamb many wonder if we’ve had our last snow.

As Always My Thoughts And Ideas

With no exception this year has started off with turbulence and global panic like we’ve not seen in many years. Well, I’ve not seen it in my lifetime. Is this the time for a 100 year disaster that could be an end to mankind or a big portion of the population.

I’m talking the coronavirus. Yeah, media trying to name the thing COVID-19, SO WE DON’T OFFEND THOSE WHERE THE VIRUS ORIGINATED. The virus having been declared a global pandemic by WHO, is taking hold around the world. With many countries and now the USA, thus beginning the lock down of a century.

Here in the US amid outcries from those who don’t want the sitting president to succeed, offer no valid solutions themselves. And, there are many yelling loudly. Leaders that are unable to lead due to their own panic.

It seems to strike the older generation, like baby boomers and those over 60 at least according to the news outlets. Oops that what I thought too. Is this fake news about the once hipsters now the oldsters. Um, if you thought perhaps baby boomers you could have be right. And, how many of them are panicked and worried. I’m one that is very worried.

The Spanish flue of 1918-1920 was almost 100 years ago and did not care what generation you were part of.


March has started off with lots of things roaring loudly in the news. Remember this is only 3rd month of the year. “March” 2020, many people are wondering why all the panic? We’re nearing the end of winter followed by the first day of spring. Yet, March as it always does comes in as a fierce Lion.

The year is just begging for it and we’ve not yet talked about how locusts have decimated crops around the globe. How will that hinder food shortages during country lock downs? No food in! No Food out!

Locusts Too

Hundreds of billions of locusts are swarming through parts of East Africa and South Asia in the worst infestation for a quarter of a century, threatening crops and livelihoods.

Scanning For Conspiracies’

So, tonight as I was reading and feeling more anxious, reading all the news I should be avoiding, still I was scanning sites looking for the latest news and information on the CoronaVirus. It has me in more anxiety then it should and the panic I sometimes feel is quit offsetting. But, I need to overcome these feelings and beware of news around me.

The CoronaVirus as it’s commonly known has many conspiracies being speculated and generated by both main stream media. (MSM) and alternative news sources. (drudgereport, stevequale, etc)  

I wasn’t really shocked to see how many differing opinions there were on the topic. As there are so many opinions as there are people panicking about what to do next.

I expected to hear ideas from all corners of the atheism/theism/agnosticism spectrum, but I didn’t expect this broad of a mix. It is possible that this varied bias is simply due to the scope of this virus.  And, is there enough actual knowledge being distributed to the public? What do you think?

Questions And Thoughts

Speaking my mind as I do often I thought I’d share some and lay this little bit of my own thoughts out and see where they go. These are conversation starters at best. Or just nonsense because of all the panicked actions taking place in the stores and out on the streets.

1. Open debate and a personal conversation may not work on anyone who is aware of it’s “biological make-up.” Especially when it can be down voted and buried way. How lucky is that?

2. Admittedly, the underlying issue that doctors say there is also a false promise when it comes to masturbation; the underlying issue is that you can’t lead a normal life without a penis. So, what does this got to do with COVID-19?  Nothing really. Except governments don’t want panic so they dick us all around.

3. My psychologist sister in law gave me a pretty hard talk. She said that maybe you are just more full of shit then you thought.  Damn, yes I am constipated right now. All the wrong news keeps me pretty backed up.

Damn, oh damn, Walmart is out of toilet paper affectionately known as TP!

Things In The News

No one will be immune from the COVID-19 disruption. And it is a big disruption. There is sell off of stocks as the DOW is heading south faster then geese in the winter. <grin>. Don’t know why I put that there. But, if you’ve never seen or heard a big flock of geese flying overhead… Sorry About That. What do you think will happen if the down drops under 10,000?

The NBA supports many people’s salary. They will loose advertising dollars, and those advertisers will have to lay off workers or furlough them. Those workers won’t be spending money in the local economies and the top down spiral heads to the homeless camps.

Schools in my area have decided to close for minimum of 6 weeks. School will be late into the summer now. Why not just use video classes? Most homes have high speed internet today. And there is PBS. Kids won’t want to study, if at home. COVID-19 is something for all of us to pay attention too!

Homeless camps have been growing for many years. And, with COVID-19 will those homeless camps dwindle in size? Or will they increase in size and cause more public concern? If folks are unable to work, not able to draw unemployment insurance, COBRA insurance (far too expensive), unable to buy food. Will the homeless camps increase in size?

Head Lines 2,, covid-19
Head Lines 2

COVID-19 won’t care about your status, how much money you have or where you live. The virus can still be floating around waiting to infect for up to 3 – 5 hours. According to this link. from the Miami Herald, the virus could take 37 days or longer to show any symptoms.

Simplified Virus Reactions

And, when you enter a room where someone was that had the virus, you could be infected just by being in the same room. The impact will be felt by all. In fact this ping pong ball and mouse trap experiment is a simple way to show how fast a virus can infect and move thru a population. It is the ultimate chain reaction.

Wash Your Hands,, coronavirus
Wash Your Hands & Don’t Sneeze…

Chain Reactions

Employment Offsets

Layoffs and furloughs will be on the increase and rapidly. Faster then I can type this sentence, pink slips are being thought of and handed out. Time-clocks unused for a few. If folks are staying home no need to pay them, right? All types of people and business will be affected.

The President has layed out a plan for injecting billions of dollars into the economy and offered stimulas packages for those that have suddenly found themselves with out jobs or other visible means of support.

Stocks rose as President Trump declared a national emergency and said he was making $50 billion available. The House was set to vote on the relief plan early Saturday. Now isn’t this special.

Companies , like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have started asking and allowing allowing employees to work from home which is something I’ve advocated for years. I often felt when you have 20-40 people working in a big open office sickness was easily spreed.

If a companies technology wasn’t good enough for employees to use and work form home, then that company should not be in the technology field.

Well, that’s a little strong. But think of it like this. We will now be more open to security breaches and attacks then we’ve been in the past. There are a lot of internet hops that internet traffic has to go thru before it hits the office. Home users don’t protect with strong firewalls very well. And, most have comcast as their internet provider. VPN’s help some.

Crime Related To Drugs And Theft

Out of fear it’s possible that drug use will increase as people panic and look for ways to tolerate and escape. Those without the means, will resort to steeling from others. Oh, it will be minor at first but when food supplies run out if they do. Keep a watch on the neighborhood.

What is happening in countries where you can only travel too and from select places. Stores and emergency rooms. That is what is happening in some parts of the world.

Are people trying to sneak past boundaries? Zero, Zero, Zero. No one really knows where the zero begins and the zero ends.

Single Site News Headlines.

March Head Lines - 1,, covid-19
March Head Lines – 1

Price Gouging Begins

Let the price gouging begin. Yup, people are human. Some are scum that can’t get washed away, but that’s a topic for another day. Human nature seems to have turned from kindness and gratitude to what can I steel, how can I steel it and, well than I’ll raise my prices and not call it steeling. NO one will ever know. ;-).

Purell Hand Sanitzer,, help, medical COVID-19
Purell Hand Sanitzer

A Movie With A Message

Price gouging has started. People are fighting for supplies at stores ( toilet paper), firms are raising the price on goods, some goods are not even the original and some are damaged, what if you buy returned merchandise? Will it be cleaned and disinfected, So, public beware of all the scams that some push on others during disasters.

Panic is scary as people will start acting like survival is the last thing on their minds. Or is it? What to do? What to do?

Fighting over toilet paper and other items will not benefit anyone. Except, I’ll keep what I had planed to write for another day. This paragraph wasn’t so nice and I deleted it and restarted.

I already have enough anxiety and this COVID-19 has caused a few panic attacks with me.

Speech From President Trump

Good Steps But We Need More

I thought the presidents speech and talk was very presidential. But, we need more than just talk to keep our spirits up as a nation. We need to have price freezes on things that people need to live. It won’t take much or any profit from corporations. Corporations need to realize that without us spending dollars they can’t function. And layoffs will trickle down in all areas of employment. Everyone will loose. This with and those without. All of us.

Prices for goods are not going to go down during this crises. In fact prices will go up because it will be hard to get goods. Many people will suffer. The temporary relief will help a few. The bottom part of society and the oldsters…Most likely no hope or little hope at all.

How frighting is it in a world with enough advanced technology that is not being used to end suffering that we still have these types of crises. Pretty darn frighting. We need hope, freedom and diligence to solve this crises.

Help Start Home Gardens Now

Create and mandate home garden’s for people. Give seeds and classes on growing for the areas we live so, we won’t have to rely so much on grocery stores. As you know most stores in a neighborhood only have enough supplies for about a week. Right now people are fighting over toilet paper!

How come home gardens and victory gardens have been banned in most cities across the country? Incentives could have been made to help distribute extra food to charity. Like we as a society use to do.

Middle Class Folks

Middle class citizens are going to suffer the most. They’ve had the most money and that’s the problem isn’t it? More money, more spending, more things and the worst, more DEBT. Credit cards, cars, college debt, mortgage.

Damn, food shelter and clothing.

I’ve Said A Lot And I’ve Said Nothing

I’ve tried to make sense with my blog post today. It’s kind of all over the place, but things are really mixed up right now. Life style changes already affect me. Now, they will affect me even more. Life style changes will also affect you. Perhaps my anxiety is yours too.

When will the lion sleep….

Charles Dickens
 > Quotes > Quotable Quote

Charles Dickens

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” ― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Thank you! For visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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