Butterfly Effect In Motion

Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect

Perhaps not the butterfly effect you were looking for. As, the chaos in this post is just about real butterflies and the effect they have on me. 🙂 . My apologizes to you if you were here looking for a different type of chaos.

If you’re here though looking thru the images, awesome! They’ve always been magical and have had a magical effect with their random flight patterns that just might not be random at all.

Butterfly Effect & Chaos Theory

But, some do believe in a butterfly effect, and that can be attributed to theories as presented by Edward Norton Lorenz who was an American mathematician, meteorologist, and a pioneer of chaos theory. He introduced the strange attractor notion and coined the term butterfly effect. Wikipedia

I’ve mentioned the butterfly effect because I find it interesting. Check out the links if you’re interested.

It Is Spring

Early in spring we get a few nice days. Those days without all the rain that the Seattle area can have. So, when opportunity strikes take it. So, a walk about it is. 🙂

Butterflies Natures Warning Sign

Butterflies in the wild are much like the canaries that coal minor use in the mine to help detect bad or poisonous air. So, if the numbers are declining what does that say about our environment?

All, insects in the wild are declining.


ZOOS & Butterflies

Images Of Butterflies.

I’ve only touched on the surface of butterflies. Leave the rest up to the scientists that are studying them. They’re fascinating and I suggest you read a few articles about them.

When, I was young I got myself a butterfly net and set out to collect and catalog them. I did pretty good up to a point. Had them all in a small case with stick pins and notes about them. My Grandma helped me with the push pins.

I didn’t have the types of display cases that are available today but did have a nice collection of butterflies, assorted bugs and insects.

Images From Today

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Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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