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With some time on my hands and mind. As a person over the age of 60, I’ve been in kind of a silenced home quarantine. I suppose that’s my depression and paranoid nature raring it’s head again.

The gripping virus that is stopping commerce, busting economy’s, social gatherings and disrupting many lives is on every channel. Our lemming like nature is repeating everything we to others and that news is being compounded and re-shared multiple times. This is my slight deviation from some of that news.

I fashioned my image in a scary manner for this occasion.

So, while home I just watched silence of the lambs again.

And, so I proceeded to create the following “Silence of The Virus” silliness. This is all fiction mind you, don’t believe as true news of any sorts.

Silence of the virus may be harmful, especially when large numbers of carriers are involved, but it is not harmful if we stop it.

Silence of the virus and fear of disease are the primary predictors of recovery. A survivor may not seek contact with family members because of the lasting effects of the virus and fear of disease, but may feel revulsion for the infection and immediately disassociate with family. The virus may spread, although after five months, they rarely are symptomatic, and fewer than one in 10 people will develop a defining illness.

Silence of the virus makes people so paranoid that they scream and attack strangers. Now, in the face of a man who acts like he can fly through the air with no effort, how can anyone take him seriously? – Let’s get a few things straight here, OK?

Silence of the virus is not just terrifying. They can see you. They hear you. They speak your name. You might as well be dead. This is never going to end. So what is our new strategy?

Silence of the virus allows them to survive and spread despite not being perfectly designed or feeling all their sensations.

Silence of the virus. However, you will need to wait for twenty-four hours to avoid the side effects. A vial of vaccine is usually given as a pill once a day. Taken on an empty stomach (no food or drink for three hours), it should last approximately three days. Be sure to drink plenty of water while taking the vaccine.

Silence of the virus When the virus is encountered in the field it will transform into whatever virus is currently under this rule and then leave the field.

Silence of the virus (audience participation)
Type: An emotion- and thought-provoking meditation offering a chance to try non-violent and emotional breathing. Participants will be encouraged to use “Witnessed Practices” to support and encourage the physical and mental challenge of the day.

Silence of the virus. It is what we see as she passes out to the face of death. Her blood, meanwhile, is trying to keep us from touching our face. There is an absence of shame or disgust, but if you must show anger, it will be because it is intense and grief-laden.

Silence of the virus. Look closely at the way she looks at me. She’s looking at me through the camera lens eyes; she’s in the picture, no matter how many times I move her out of frame. The last time you see an image of death, her gaze will be locked, fascinated, into your own. The only time she’s not visible is in the finished result of the film, a watermark and a small sign near the bottom of the image.

Silence of the kids: I miss their voices, young wisdom and growth as they learn their way. With isolation I miss the kids and would hope and pray that things take a healing path for us all soon. So, we can go out and share life together.

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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  1. You know Joseph…There is good in every evil…I think this virus brought us closer in separating us, don’t you think?

    • Amanda/Kalliope , in some ways we as a people have come together. This virus is also bringing out the worst and best in people. I’d also would like to think that countries are not cheering for the demise of our western freedoms. They would not say publicly if they were. A great tragedy in all of this would the loss of freedoms that the free world currently has.


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