What Departs And Never Returns

The Night Life
The Night Life

“That things depart which never may return, or to which nothing return, or from which nothing ever came. My docile self-interlude of thoughts and ideas wonders the same.” Joseph Kravis

An Analysis Of My Quote

This quote by Joseph Kravis explores the nature of transience and the ephemeral nature of thoughts and experiences. The phrase “things depart which never may return” suggests that certain experiences, emotions, or situations in life are fleeting and may never be encountered again. The idea that “to which nothing return, or from which nothing ever came” implies that some thoughts or experiences might not have any lasting impact or tangible outcome.

In the context of the quote, Kravis’s “docile self-interlude” refers to his introspective moments in which he ponders and contemplates these ideas. It is within these moments of reflection that he recognizes the impermanent nature of existence, and acknowledges that his thoughts and ideas, like everything else in life, are transient and ever-changing.

The quote prompts us to consider the impermanence of life and the value of living in the present moment. By embracing the idea that experiences and thoughts are fleeting, we can better appreciate the significance of each moment and cherish the time and experiences we have.

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