Life Is Anything But

Life Is Anything But
Life Is Anything But

Life Is Anything But

Life is anything but.. it’s still not clear for most of us. Especially me! The paths we’ll follow from birth to death will be different for every one of us.


So while some may have a different beginning, many of us will have the same end. And that is not what we are. The whole universe is not just part of the life we are experiencing right now; it is our lives. Everything has a beginning and an end. There are no accidents, no chaos, no misunderstanding, and no ignorance. All of it is meaningless…

Is it too hopeful that we’re born in to a loving home in a loving world? Will we be found in a dumpster? Is early womb evacuation on the calendar today? Will death be scary and will we be alone at that moment? Anything but, isn’t that part of life?

And that means that we shouldn’t waste any of our time. We should not spend time worrying about what others do and what will happen to them. We shouldn’t waste our time wishing for things to change or looking for ways to fix things that don’t work. We should not worry about things that have no meaning, not when there is so much to do…

Yet each of us have paths and truths that are defined by where and how we were born. We learn from our parents as they most likely learned from theirs. Not only are genetics passed down from prior generations, so too how they think, react, ethics and beliefs.

Peer Learning At It’s Best

Life Is Anything But,

We learn from cousins first then our peers while in school and on the playground. We learn from our country of origin and nationality. If you were born in my country or state you would have knowledge of my place. Hopefully, we all follow the laws of the land so to speak of where we are.

You also might have different points of view on many subjects. And, we would both be in disagreement on many topics as well. That’s the catch isn’t it? Mincing words and bending the meanings to what ever it is we want. Are differing points of views and disagreements the same thing?

But, what about freedoms? The freedom to exist! The freedom to make end of life decisions without governmental oversight? Should freedoms be first on the “Keep List”? Well?

Common Traits

Common traits are the basis for our compassion, our love, our perception and knowledge. The most characteristic, characteristics of self are: ignorance, craving, aversion and delusion. Are they in fact, fundamental components of how our beings interact with the world. It keeps me wondering on a daily basis.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone

Where have all the flowers gone. 🙂 Well, not my song title. But the song still is a great one. It seems that modern day wars are the new norm. Wether, we realize it or not we’re not changing much as people.

What Do I Know

What do I know? Nothing really. But, having some time to think of such things during a stay at home order due to the Wuhan Virus has given me opportunity to reevaluate my own personal perceptions. Restrictions are too slow at being lifted so, but I’ve been able to get out and about some.

I know enough that we have differences and we have commonalities. Why does it seem that we concentrate on the differences before the commonalities? The core basic human is not about being Rich, Moderate or Poor. Nor is should the basic human be about color.

Often it is.

Born Into A World

We’re born into a world of which we know nothing about. We rely on those that brought us into existence to help us learn the skills we need to survive. Will we leave this world with a little more knowledge? Useless and empty nevertheless we don’t know what we take with us. These would be pretty basic rules if they existed. Nothing more then life and death.

I am sure the same can be said for most people that read this.  My family has done the same.  We have done so in good times and bad, and in good and evil.  Now, we need all of us, as a whole, to do our part to help the economy get back on the right track. These lockdowns have been devastating to the economy. Regardless of what people think, you can not deny that President Trump and his administration have done great things for our economy.

Working Together

Our bodies work in tandem to build the tools we need for our survival.  The tools we take with us when we leave this world could do some real damage to this planet. I talk about the knowledge that we might have discovered and not returned to those after us. We should be good stewards of what we’ve been given. That’s part of life too!

We may live with some natural limitations, but it is only through the cooperation with each other that we can get past our limitations.  Life is anything but. And for us to not share the commonalities is a tragedy within itself. As the internet developed, creative people all over the planet contributed to the growth and success of it’s use.

Early communications like chats, email, and games hosted on BBS systems got the spark rolling with new creativity. Innovations that continue to advance are being put to a test due to a world wide pandemic. If allowed people don’t have to work in an office or live in any set location.

#Trapped In Depression

My writing is part of a larger effort to bring me out of my comfort zone. There is more that I can do to get me out of this world that will provide me with a greater sense of empowerment.  Join with me and let your energy flow through those of us you may come across.  Mind over matter. Does it matter. Yes it does. Fake it until we make it. 🙂

A journey is not an impossible path, it’s a journey you make together.  Let your love, friendship, connections, community, and creativity form you into the tools you need to create a better future. Wether that future be in person or remote we shall adapt.

I see it all.

Being Homeless

If Food, Shelter and clothing are the three basic necessities of life, why is it that we have an issue with homeless people? Those that don’t have the basic needs are left out of many things that life has to offer. Some by choice and that’s what we’ve allowed ourselves to participate in. Many don’t want compassion. There are those that want just drugs, money or other freebies. Or do you think it’s not like that? Life is anything but.

There are a number of different explanations, but one might be that many homeless people don’t have any of the basic living supplies in their home wherever that may be. Box, bridge, forest, or a mud hut. Perhaps they can’t afford to buy a home without some kind of assistance.  There are many who are able to live off of food stamps, but who aren’t living below the poverty line.  

Another reason might be that some homeless people are so mentally ill that they are considered too dangerous to live in shelters because they might be able to harm themselves or others.   In fact, the vast majority of homeless people come from families.   The city of Seattle has been helping the homeless reconnect with families.

Are social services a social responsibility

So, one could argue that the most important social issue of all is the need for services.   And of course, homelessness is not caused by a lack of social services.   The problem is that some people have lost faith in social services and have the resources to make their own way through life and don’t bother helping those in need.

I’m not saying that should be everyone’s path as there will be those that want what you have in addition to what they have. Greed, often overtakes generosity. And, some would rather have the services.

In fact, the recent study by the National Coalition for the Homeless in Washington DC reported that about 40% of the nation’s homeless people live off of food stamps and unemployment benefits.  

Life is anything but clear for most of us. And so it remains. We’re loosing our identities without any effort at all.

I believe that it’s about our relationship with the universe. When we love ourselves and have confidence in our abilities, when we have faith in ourselves, it seems that we are unstoppable. We shouldn’t waste our time crying because we cannot have all the things that other people have. But instead, we should work on becoming more and more complete, so that we are able to enjoy every day of our lives to the fullest. And then we will know the true meaning of life.


Thank you! For visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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