A Dark Cold Winter

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A Dark Cold Winter

We’re prepared for a dark and cold winter.  We will protect our homes and families from all enemies foreign and domestic. We will prepare for all of these things and more by readying ourselves for the various menaces that face us.  After all we are not afraid of death.

So, what can we do, beyond praying for protection?

I’d like to say bend over and kiss your ass goodbye but that would be inappropriate. Instead, you’ll just have to suck my thumb.  

Perhaps believers and non-believers alike can all be of use in these moments. Just don’t let it become a bargaining chip for support or be an excuse for someone to turn a blind eye to the situation. Let’s help people understand the Christian point of view: love is stronger than hatred, and grace is stronger than judgment.

We should not be allowed to use someone’s situation for our own agenda. It is the road of pretense, and is merely an example of how privileged, entitled people think. And, if you look those words up in the dictionary you’ll see they have completely different meanings.

Therefore, when people commit crimes and leave loved ones behind, they have a long, long road ahead of them. A life sentence for somebody in their early 20’s doesn’t mean life, it means life for the rest of their life. Are they receiving a just punishment?  I also say let the punishment be equal to the crime.

I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I have only questions. This is only my opinion. But I do know that there are ways to get through these tough times (dark and cold winter), even if you don’t agree with everything, if the commonalities of the people aren’t addressed. It will be “A Dark And Cold Winter”.

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