Crazy Sixties Psychedelic sī″kĭ-dĕl′ĭk

Crazy Sixties
Crazy Sixties

Crazy Sixties also known as the psychedelic sixties and ushered in a generation of peace love and happiness. As we all know, that was never going to last. Although you could say that there was a downward spiral after the end of the Vietnam war, which left many people in a depressed state of mind, the thing that changed after that was how we all got stoned. Before the 60s, everybody smoked. After the 60s, everybody smoked hashish.

Crazy Sixties Togetherness
Crazy Sixties Togetherness

Long after the Vietnam War, generations are still affected by the tragic loss of life. Many who were there were in their teens and 20s, and it’s still a moment that they’re not sure they’ve come to terms with. It was a war that shaped a nation for years to come.

Fashionable Drugs

But hashish was too expensive to be the fashionable drug. So we had to think again. For years, people tried to find a cheaper alternative. So they turned to cocaine. But cocaine also proved to be too expensive. So they tried to produce their own version. But we still couldn’t afford it.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

So people tried to find a cheaper alternative. And that was LSD. LSD was cheap enough to be the hippy’s drug of choice. So hippies started to travel around the country, experimenting with LSD.

And that’s how we ended up with people using LSD to cope with the existential stress of social engineering projects.
With politicians.
With youth violence.
With civil rights.
With diphtheria and potty mouth.

Peace Love Hotdog, ""
Peace Love Hotdog

Seems like we’ve come full circle. Are you looking forward to a dark cold winter?

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