Death Dreams And Energy

Joseph Kravis "Death Dreams and Energy"

Death Dreams And Energy

Death Dreams and Energy and speaking of energy, where does our energy go when we die? Are thoughts saved someplace for future generations? Should I be afraid of death? I’m confused, but I’ve been told to don’t worry have faith, you’re going to a better place. I don’t think I’m alone with these thoughts either.

Still, I hope I’m not the only one to wonder this, but it’s something I’ve thought about a lot over the years. And, even more so now that I’m older. It seems like the deeper I look into life and death, the more I learn about who I really am.

Philosophers like Alan Watts talk about the smallest elements to the largest planetary systems, no living thing has a place or destination in this universe. We are just grains of sand on a big rock floating around in space or something like that. Many have thought and wondered that too!

Are We An Experiment

Some people think we’re a special kind of creature, an experiment that’s been running for a very long time. We’re one big experiment in a master simulation. We’re part of a grand plan that we aren’t privy to, and the results are for the highest good of everyone. To other people, however, we are a terrible experiment. We are born, we die, we get sick, and we suffer.

We’re so vast, but it’s only as small as our concern, whether we’re considered an experiment or not, we still cling to life. Well why the hell not? The fossil record is filled with evidence of life on Earth. New excavations around the globe are constantly finding evidence of our past and apparently even the universe itself is alive.

“Look,” I can hear them say, “There’s still life in the universe!”
“Is that all?” I respond, “Where?” They point to stars, distant galaxies, planets, and moons. “Yes, there are still planets and moons. These are living things! How can they not be?” And some think that a big bang took place, exploding life into all directions. Something this vast did not just happen without a divine intervention.

Questions And More Questions

Receiving few answers, I have nothing but more questions.

One of the biggest questions I have is this: Where do our thoughts go when we die? Is our energy somehow still here? I’ve read that they can determine your weight at death. And on passing the body is slightly lighter. They say this is true, that even after we die we continue to exist on some level, although we do not have bodies or souls. The thoughts we have, however, are gone forever.

No More Thoughts

We do exist, but only for the benefit of our loved ones. Most people, at this point, ask “What does that mean?” It means, in short, that after we die, our memory and personality live on, but our thoughts are gone forever. We will simply cease to exist. We can’t remember our own thoughts, and we won’t be able to think them again. That’s kind of a bummer, but it’s something we don’t need to worry about. We’ll live on by our postings to social media. Unless the cancel culture determines that past memories are no longer valid. LOL

Nowadays, we want our physical bodies back. I’m not so sure I’d want mine back, however we want to feel as though we’re alive. When we die, our bodies cease to function and we don’t experience anything. Perhaps that’s a big reason we want to return to our bodies when we die. People are haunted by memories.

What Happens When We Dream

For example, when we dream, are we conscious of the fact that we’re dreaming? Do we have a feeling that we’re dreaming? If not, are we dreaming without realizing it? If so, do we wake up at the end of it? Is our consciousness limited to our bodies? Some people do a kind of meditation like mindfulness to find out. When they go to sleep and wake up again, they realize they’ve experienced a dream.

J. B. Rhine has said that we can dream ourselves into a heaven or a hell.

I’m afraid to die. But, perhaps as they say, when I do, die I’ll wake up into a new here. If I’m able, I’ll be sending you vibes. Death Dreams And Energy. Maybe you and I are in the same dream.

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