Virus Mutations Run Rampant

Virus Mutations, infp
Virus Mutations

Virus Mutations Run Rampant

Released into the world, the virus slowly started to mutate our existence. Yet, we smiled like nothing was wrong. We struggled with our own thoughts and did whatever it took to survive, it was that simple. We made jokes about the chaos that ensues during times of rapid evolution and how we would soon find ourselves at the “bottom” of the food chain.

Soon enough we noticed that the hunger strike was becoming a point of concern in the streets, those who were leaving food for the hungry were in for some major bamboozling. Once the virus mutated and discovered the new taste of flesh, our nightly dinners were approaching new levels of satisfaction, until one evening we were violently awoken by the hunger strike. We were turned into wild animals and lacerated others like flesh was candy.

They Came In The Night

What came after that night, we don’t really know, only that it was more brutal than anything we had seen. We watch TV and see the news, nothing really changed in our world except for those killed in battle. Those responsible for the disaster were still out there somewhere, because no one really died, only those who were innocent of our misunderstanding.

  • Innocent of our Misunderstanding
  • Innocent of our Misunderstanding

As the riots dwindled, we found ourselves in a food shortage, as more and more humans fell to the virus we were finding less and less to eat. This coupled with our dwindling numbers caused our species to crash. Once we hit the evolutionary wall, we started to show signs of degeneration. We had changed into something that was so far from our former self.

I say this because we were born as an ape. Now we stand upright with our heads slopping forward on our fat necks. Some of us developed jaws with a beak like quality to them. Our thick arms became more and more meaty and hairy, looking more like those of a porcupine. We lost most of our fur, letting our coats and nostrils grow thicker and longer. Those who still had hair hid it behind long beards and wigs. Some people were able to conceal the broken bones and scars from the virus by wearing decorative face masks. We were human, yet something was changed.


Humans Living As Primates

Orangutan "" infp

Some humans developed a new way of living, what was once a common sight to see, now almost looked abnormal to them. The humans who tried living like the primates still were caught in the lies of greed and enslavement that brought about our demise. They stole from each other and from us, they denied what they were and took on animalistic forms to look more like us.

The virus had become too difficult to contain and we were all brought before the virtual court. Those who were the most guilty were executed and those who were found guilty were forced to wear a hologram as they watched the ones they killed by the thousands, be killed by the thousands more. There were even some who took this as an opportunity to join us. Those that died had their consciousness placed inside of a reptilian being who fought for our survival.

Monitor Lizard,
Monitor Lizard

Most people we saw now could only have a small number of stomachs inside of them. Most of the meat we ate now was not actually flesh. It was animal skin and waste that could be scraped off of various creatures. There were those who felt sorry for us, but our once seemingly perfect society would turn on them just as quickly. Those few humans that had survived the virus were terrified of us now. They still thought we were dangerous and would seek to kill them before they became us. It was almost in the blink of an eye that we had gained a completely new, undying enemy.

Continued Mutations

Medical Symbol,

Over the next few years we all mutated into something else, we had never been like this, we weren’t really human anymore. This was something entirely new. No longer could we live on our old means of farming, fishing and hunting, for every single food source we had used to survive was wiped out by the virus. For the longest time we tried to figure out what to do, we started to develop methods of natural selection, seeing who could keep their humanity while killing the rest.

After many failed experiments, some of us developed immune systems that could fight off the virus. Once the virus had developed antibodies to us, we no longer needed to fight off our own diseases or take medicines or antibiotics. We had to kill each other to survive and our numbers were dwindling at an exponential rate. Eventually, we saw that we needed to make a choice. Whether we could simply adapt to become completely more like other animals or whether we needed to evolve back into something resembling what we once were.

Natural Selection

Social Distancing,, coronavirus
Social Distancing

Those who were best adapted to life on the land were first selected to survive. Their new bodies needed to be hardy, light on their feet and able to climb trees, dig in the dirt or forage for food. These became the raptors. Others were selected to survive by living on the ocean floor. Some of these evolved into the dolphin, manatee and seal. Those who evolved into the largest of the animals were the elephants. The elephant had no need to move and could live its entire life in one place. This would become our primary form of transport.

The other species of animals in the area were not left to chance. Humans took the most seriously and selected the strangest and most unusual looking animals for our new kingdoms. The Asian Elephant, the Vaquita and Donkey all made the cut. This was the greatest time to see a species of animal evolve in a natural setting. We even had people choose to merge into a version of a Rhino. The Rhino was an extremely fast runner and good at finding animal food. Its large ears were great for hearing, a very smart creature and an excellent runner. Never turn your back on a Rhino…

As time went on we slowly learned that we had no choice but to evolve. It had become so that the virus could not only be contracted from a bite or scratch but also be spread by simple breathing.

Our evolution was accelerating at a rate that would eventually require us to find a new way of living. We no longer needed to hunt or even learn how to run on the land. We could now move on the ocean floor as well. We saw we needed to grow bigger and stronger so we could fight and hunt for our very survival.

In the end, we realized that there were bigger fish and animals that were intent on eating all the smaller animals into extinction.

"Men Of Action",
Men Of Action

Enjoy the read. 🙂

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

This article was collaborated on by using chatGPT and images I’ve created with MIDJOURNEY. A fun orchestration by me. 🙂 All images available in higher resolution.

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