Solid Shield And Iron Hand

Solid Shield And Iron Hand

To rule the people we must suppress their speech, reeducate them to our values by placing them under a solid shield rule with an iron hand. Disinsertion dissension. Promotion and praise that includes suppressing its opposite. We need freedom only to oppose our opponents. They must be imprisoned. We must forbid any speech that ridicules their dead (The Founding Fathers). Remove the weapons. Deprive them of weapons.

We must crush dissent, degrade the Constitution and bend its teachings to fit our objectives. Control all knowledge. Once you control the world’s news, you control the people. Now take to task the people who recognize that the rot runs far deeper than this. And convince them of that it’s all been a lie.

Every newspaper and all communications, at all levels, from the president down, must take the blame for this decay. Not because it is so. There is no conceivable excuse for printing, speaking or doing anything that might foster such a condition.

This rot is not the consequence of democratic errors. It is not the consequence of five pernicious personalities who can no longer give up their infantile, senseless hatred. It is not the result of being overwhelmed by capitalist competition. It is not the product of arrogant politicians, civil servants, or misguided party officials.

No, the root of the rot is our own. We have permitted our own misguided opinions, philosophies, and practices to so dominate our world that we have given in to them. We have allowed them to be imposed upon us and replace the free will of our fellow men with the direction they have so completely forfeited.

And the decay has now progressed to the point where the rot has become so clear that it can be clearly seen even to those who, with apathy, ideology, or fear, have turned a blind eye to it until it became too late. We have lost our sense of order, purpose, and morality.

We have become so used to manipulating the image of truth that we have lost our sense of it. We have sold our ideas and we have given our souls. To the prejudice of truth, for the profit of self. We have become a machine of absolute and utter inhumanity. When truth is revealed to us, we neither know nor do we care.

Many Beliefs Quashed

If you don’t believe in God, then the very existence of your religious faith will get you ostracized by your fellow citizens. If you think an inch too many people are opposed to abortion, you’re a hater. And if you think that any group of people is inherently superior to another group of people, you’re a racist. And if you think that federal money should be allocated based on the perceived moral character of the recipient, you’re a fascist. If you disagree with the views of other people on any number of cultural issues, you’re a sexist. If you think that all human beings should have a right to life, liberty and property, you’re a socialist. You can even be a binary with 1 being on and 0 being off. (I think they would rather us be a 0)

I See Possible Futures

I see a society governed by dehumanizing democratic violence and, in the name of moderation, by defusing civil disobedience with hollow back-and-forth swipes at a commitment to equality or a meaningful economic program or an acknowledgement of government’s obligation to protect citizens.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society where not only is dissent suppressed, but dissenters are marginalized or victimized. Dissent is no longer welcomed or worthy of approval. It is dangerous, and it should be viewed as such.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society where the basic organizing principle is the ability to eliminate social friction and never be allowed to prove themselves in public debate.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society where the very existence of those who challenge power is regarded with hatred and suspicion. Where the value of a just debate is negated by the power of its ridicule.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society that spends money the world will never see on luxuries like special prisons for criminals and the acquisition of security devices to guard against crime, at the same time as it deprives its citizens of genuine security through poverty and inadequate health care.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society where wealth is held in the hands of a privileged few, but goes to waste for those who cannot take care of themselves or their families.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society that for more than half a century has lived off the land of indigenous tribes who have passed into history and whose communities now are slated for destruction in the name of “development.”

Joseph Kravis

I see a society that has succumbed to the distorted mantra of self-defense, forgetting that self-defense is a “go it alone” approach that breeds dependence, leaves us more vulnerable to our own criminal impulses, and breeds contempt for the innocent.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society that moves away from traditional religion to embrace what it once railed against — slavery, genocide, exploitation, the maiming of the weak, the abrogation of civil rights.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society that has fostered atheism to ensure a constant supply of self-righteous moral indignation.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society that has imposed strict control of religious expression by outlawing the Bible as a dangerous influence in the lives of children, yet whose education policy leaves children ignorant of history, political science, social studies and economics, thereby leaving them vulnerable to the manipulations of ideologies that do not help the poor but the rich.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society that not only sets aside half its GDP in arms, but insists that these weapons be used to protect the armed forces of the wealthy and against the poor and disadvantaged.

Joseph Kravis

I see a society that sees its role in the world as promoting democracy, peace and human rights, yet not only tolerates but openly embraces tyrants, tyrants who control you.

Joseph Kravis

Solid Shield And Iron Hand

To believe in freedom is to believe in life and the only life worth living.

If you’ve read this entire post. Thank you. As always these are my thoughts and ideas and I’ve had lots of time on my hands this past year to think of such things and hopefully do a better job of explaining. The 2020 hindsight seemed more like a lack of sight, where I felt more isolated amidst the locks downs. Thus, this time on my hands was spent writing. First as a personal journal, then to publish my thoughts about where we are going as a country. 

I also can’t take away the things that have been shown on the news. The mainstream news, alternate news and cable channels all had different views. But the thousands of affidavits about election fraud are being ignored at all levels, except by a few. Things don’t smell right here when we have double standards for 50% of the population. What do you expect? Peace? Yes or No?

The most obvious, and frankly best, example of this is complete removal of people who oppose the principles of Liberalism. The object is to define a line of thinking that is non-negotiable and ideologically pure.  We thus separate those who do not subscribe to Liberalism and those who do from each other and from the rest of the population. We divide the country into Left and Right, leftists from righties, like it or not over 75 Million people won’t forget these injustices.

As the Republicans are a pawn in pliable hands, some say many were never allowed to even vote in this election. What is left of them is not a fringe group, and although they won’t win this battle even if the majority of the population agrees with them. The only way to see them gone completely, is to declare war on them.


Solid Shield Iron Hand, We Are The people

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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