2020 +1 Let’s Do This Again

2020 +1
2020 +1

After all the jokes have been said, I realized that 2020 hindsight got away from us all. And in 2021, when we look back on the past year’s big news, there will be a kind of sordid, inescapable conclusion: President Donald Trump was a good thing.

No, the president did not do everything that he said he would, but Trump did a lot of good—and in so doing, may have made his critics look really stupid. So, it seems fitting and a badge of honor to be the only sitting president of the United States to have been impeached twice.

Side Note : Ground Hogs Day 2/2/20 +1

I Wish I Had Known

Most of what we will have to say is, “I wish I had known back then what I know now.” Those are the lessons we are supposed to learn and live by. Learning these lessons, and applying them, is all that we can really do, as individual human beings.

Because each of us will go through life (I wish I could say otherwise, but unfortunately, that’s not how life works out). Many of us will make mistakes, or some type of poor decisions, or we will make the wrong choices at the wrong times.

I’ve made a few blunders along the way and if we don’t learn what it is we ought to learn, or change how we make our decisions, we’ll be repeating the mistakes we make today, tomorrow, and a hundred years from now.

So the point isn’t to give up, because of the inevitable, but to learn to deal with the inevitable.

To Be First

We know that media companies filtered and stopped news from sources that they deemed unacceptable and did not want to be displayed. But since that time, as we have seen the most under-reported abuses come from U.S. government officials, including whistleblowers, reporters, politicians, and news organizations, I think that government secrecy has increased dramatically. And increasingly, we cannot trust the media in the United States to bring the kind of transparency to government that it brought to corporate media.

This year, we are seeing that people’s awareness of just how much government is secretly doing to them increases and continues to grow. As other whistle-blowers continue to set new standards in bravery and integrity, and as the media continues to bring the full spectrum of secrecy into its new, under-covered, and severely compromised reality, more and more people will choose to learn about their own government.

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