Animal Instinct Attracts Animals

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Animal Instinct Attracts Animals

Animal Instinct Attracts Animals. An instinct is an incredible gift to have. It is a gift that can change the course of your life. Yet, many don’t know what path to follow because our natural instincts are being bred from us. How? By scaring them off, making them feel inadequate, and keeping them at bay.

The culprit is society. As human beings, we are programmed to be fearful of the unknown. We know what is safe and what is not. And now, we know about things like climate change and the overpopulation of the earth because they told us so. By learning these facts, we have been taken away from our instinct to trust ourselves and feel in charge of our own lives.

Programmed To Doubt Ourselves

We are programmed to doubt ourselves and our instincts because of the scarcity mentality. This mindset says we are not enough. It says we don’t have enough because we didn’t live according to a specific plan. It tells us we don’t have enough so that we can see how we must make sure we can “get what we need” so that “we can reach our full potential.” Animal Instincts. . .

It is this thinking that has helped bring this generation to ruin. When a large number of humans don’t have enough for themselves, they make others feel like they don’t have enough. Therefore, we justify and rationalize this behavior by saying that it is necessary to force ourselves to be good people in order to become better people.

Living for self is the worst kind of life there is, because the value you have on yourself is zero. Then, you get resentful when others are better than you, because you only see what is lacking in yourself. They have more so they deserve to be in charge of what you should value. So you begin to fear them and use them as a crutch to survive. This is how scarcity thinking can destroy an entire generation.

Afraid Of The Unfamiliar

Imagine this. You’re afraid of the unfamiliar, so you avoid going to a new place. But what you are really doing is protecting yourself from new things. You are doing this because you are afraid of failing. When you don’t go to a new place, it takes the pressure off of you. This also relieves you of the possible fear you have of the unknown. However, you’re still able to experience the things you want to experience. You don’t deny yourself these experiences, you just pretend that they aren’t there.

This is how many people are living their lives today. We’re not truly living because we are focused on hiding from our fears. Instead of protecting ourselves, we are in a constant state of fear, and we are acting as if there is only one way to live. It’s the time of year for self-reflection. Start by freeing yourself from the overrated scarcity mentality.

Learning To Take Responsibilities

By taking responsibility for your own life, you will become empowered to take control of your own destiny. You will become fearless enough to love yourself and other people. You will discover that you have so much to give others. This realization will liberate you from feeling entitled to everything because you have nothing to prove to anyone. Instead, you will become motivated to give away your hard-earned money to those who are less fortunate than you. Your value on yourself will be beyond measure because you no longer need to prove your worth to anyone else. Your Animal Instincts will prevail.

I think that’s exactly what God wants us all to do.

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Animal Instincts

So if we’re not careful we’ll become the animals we aren’t meant to be.

Social Decay?

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