Pseudo Code Or Pseudo Mind

Pseudo code or pseudo mind-reading code (Bard).

But the secret of this faculty, which by definition ought to be unique to man, is no mystery to the common experience of mankind. Science is, as every physicist knows, a process which makes use of the faculty of comprehension and psychology at once.

Therefore, the overwhelming majority of mankind is in possession of a subconscious faculty which is responsible for their mental development. Man is required to know this faculty for reasons of the highest necessity, to assimilate it.

This faculty is rooted in the mind and cannot, in every instance, be made known by us in scientific terms. The self-knowledge of man has been a long struggle of our species, which has not yet lost its original purpose.

What the hell none of that made since I surprise myself sometimes when I get to overtly deep as it often sounds like more crap. Even deep for myself so lets get out the boots. No wait the fishing waders. The really big one got away.

As, I often write something and edit for days until well, this is the until. And, the until…No I don’t edit often. Perhaps that’s why most of my writing stinks, It’s extremely random thoughts, expressions and ideas.

This draft for example. Well, for example this draft. And this draft are examples of that no nonsense kind of attitude.

Data Is Everything,, infp, security
Data Is Everything

Who Defines The Few Or The Many

The truth is an infernal thing, and the needs of the many are more important than the needs of the few. Yes, I first heard this saying from Star Trek “The Wrath of Khan”.  Who defines the many and who defines the few?  You could be in the “few” as a small group and there could be some that are the few wanting more and others that would be a “many” majority perhaps wanting less.

Definitions are often as useless as there are many definitions of the same subject.

Some may think of this as mind state versus Pseudo Mind, where becoming their own idol of sorts, live from the stage of life and passing judgment on everyone they encounter is the right thing to do.

What Ails You

What are you thinking? And just like with physical ailments, we are all given the pre-conceived idea and media speak about what a person with a disease is thinking about them.  There are both mental and physical diseases that keep folks wondering what all the panic is about.

From a pure physical perspective, no one is meant to avoid exercising, or taking good care of your health. Do you take care of yourself the way you would someone with another mental or emotional disorder? Probably not. That is perhaps one reason why Pseudo code or pseudo mind is used in attempts to escape the person or place you’re in. You could also try washing your hands as often as you’re able.

Escape And Avoidance That’s Me

Are you only thinking about escaping what you’re doing or being able to use your time and energy elsewhere? Probably not the kind of day dream you were thinking of. Is it?  Where are you in your thought? Do you not like being who you are or what you’ve become?

When, I was a kid I used to watch the time tunnel. That’s what gave me the idea of the main image created for this post.

Yeah, and that’s part of the escape. Who, what where, when and how. The ins and outs of crappy thought digested intellect that someday I’ll figure out.

Mirror Mirror, Myself A Mystery For All To See,, kravis
Mirror Mirror


Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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