Pandemic Thoughts

Pandemic Thoughts are pandemic limitations.

I’ve been so deep in thought while walking from one room to another that when I got to my destination, I forgot why I went there. My inner thought captivates then catapults me to other places. Am I the lucky one?

Why do you find it easy to think but not to stay where you were last in thoughts? It has happened to me many times.

Is it that you’re not thinking, you’re actually thinking? Or is it that you can stay where you were in thoughts but not in the here and now? Or is it that you’re always floating aimlessly between here and there?

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Me And Einstein

In its essence, thinking is simple, and easy and natural. It’s the results of your thinking that can be complicated. And the media is not helping.

Are you there in the present moment? Or are you always living in the past, the future and the ego?

It’s okay to lose yourself in thoughts. Why? Because thoughts are the ever present part of your being. When you don’t want to be here, then you’ll leave your body and travel to another place. Why? Because you want to be somewhere else!

Keep in mind that the ego is the flighty thing in you. It’s the part of you that’s always running around, always trying to please other people. When you’re going crazy because you’re surrounded by all this extra work, try to use the ego to help you stay balanced and alone in isolation.

Bring A Little More Peace

Don’t run away. Instead, use the extra work to bring a little more peace and ease into your life. Every time you feel tension, use the extra work to bring your mind back to the here and now.

Because you are attached to this world, and the ego is attached to it, the world is what’s going to take you away. In order to stay, you need to stay with the thoughts of the ego.

But the good news is that the ego is a part of your thought life, and the more you stay with it, the better the thoughts will be. Because, like a slingshot, when you put something in your mind, you want it to go out of your mind. So when the ideas and thoughts about your thoughts go out of your mind, you become enlightened.

Think! That’s what that is called.

So, there you have it.


See, I’m all talk. When I’m done with talking, I usually fall asleep. This does not mean that I’m not learning. This simply means that I sometimes forget to teach.

I’m not sure that anyone will find a contradiction between these 2 statements:

“Danger is love’s best friend”

“If you forget where you are, you’ll end up where you’re not.”

Fat chance but thought I’d mention it anyway. “Keep your thoughts confined within your body and your mind, and you’ll eventually return here”. (To this page as it’s most interesting!)

Your thoughts my thoughts our thoughts hour thoughts meaning it’s late.

Thank you! For visiting this post! Your time and interest are truly appreciated. If you found the content engaging or thought-provoking, please feel free to share your thoughts or insights in the comments.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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