Sphere Hunting

Sphere Hunting

My world contains the remains of sphere hunters. Um, Umm, or does it? Sphere hunters, sometime you see them and sometime you don’t. One day, you’re walking through your city and then suddenly it happens. A loud crash, a flare from a distant red city, the sharp sting of impact on your head, arm or leg, and then you know.

Sphere Hunters were involved.

If you are clever and well equipped, you can survive the initial impact and you can learn from your mistakes. A warning always gives you time to think and that may be all you have time for. If you don’t receive a warning of any kind bend over and kiss your ass good bye. Or perhaps your neighbors if its so allowed!

If a warning was received then, you will likely stumble back into your life. You will gather the pieces of your world and continue to move forward. Maybe you learn to recognize the signs and prevent yourself from being victimized next time with a booster sphere.

Maybe you’ll talk to others about your experiences and realize there are others out there who have endured a similar trauma. Maybe you’ll stumble across information about the “missing millions” in a mysterious government program and make a split decision to confront that darkness head on. Maybe you’ll escape through the blinding pain.

Does anyone on this fucking plane have any heroin! We’re on a plane????

World Changed Forever

It’s the same for every person who wakes up to find their world changed forever. The truth often does not set you free. Some choices may be easier, but the scars remain. Some people may find the transition smoother than others, but what does it really mean to be “free” when you still have to endure the pain of that choice?

It seems the answer to that question isn’t a simple one. For what seems like millions of years, I’ve been looking for the right questions to ask for the right answer to be received.

Alas, a new dawn is about to arrive on a world that has known too little light. When you come into consciousness, you are free to enter a dark and powerful energy vortex that lasts for years. When the sun rises in your new home, you will find it warm and familiar. That is all.

Some Won’t Make It

Not all of us will be so lucky. We will wake up every day, and our lives will turn from the way they were to the way they have to be. That change is inevitable and when it comes, so will the darkness.

I haven’t chosen to speak about this. This isn’t something I am comfortable with. I’ve been blind to these kinds of things for many years and I need to be careful to protect myself from the people who would prefer to see me as the monster not taking the sphere.

I guess my point is that darkness has always been with us. We humans are not immune to the insidious effects of oppression and addiction.

As a sensitive and reclusive, it’s not often you encounter something as severe as what I was taught. I remember those days with great clarity. I also remember the comfort I received from the people I cared for.

The Sphere Hunters made sure of that.

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Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

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