Lovely Lovely Lovely And More Lovely

Lovely Lovely Lovely And More Lovely

Lovely Lovely Lovely And More Lovely

Hearts are meant to be broken and tattered. Valentine’s Day does not prevent that.

I like celebrating the weak and vulnerable and lonely and broken.

I like celebrating that sometimes all we need to lift our spirits and get our blood flowing again is a hug from a friend. Sometimes all we need to make us smile and get our adrenaline pumping is a good old fashioned fight and flight response.

I like celebrating the unique and unique qualities that make us stand out from other people.

I like celebrating the person who I could become but still dream about.

I like celebrating the fact that even though I’m limited, this is still my life. There are still things I can do and people I can do them with.

I like celebrating the fact that I can think, do and have an opinion and that people are still willing to let me.

I am a flawed person who often makes mistakes. I am loved and that love brings out the best in me.

I’m working towards a good and wonderful life and I am so thankful for those helping me along.

I was told that by celebrating the little victories all the little wins add up to something huge. So, I’m making the rest of my life a marathon and not a sprint.

The best of Valentine’s Day is still to come.

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