I Am You, Are You, You Too 101.0

I Am You

I Am You
  1. I see you in vivid color, alive and refreshed.
    I see you seeing me, Fearfully, Beautifully, Tearfully.
    Although heaven is now your home, I can see you anytime
    By closing my eyes in a wistful dream. And, I ask,
    If I were but a dream, a thought or miracle, would you also see me?

I Am You

  1. Even in your brokenness and pain I come to tell you
    The greater I am than the lonely and broken
    Hear me as you lay your soul on my chest,
    I am your “hymn,” the glory of your sinless bliss
    I am the fragrance of your suffering and anguish
    I am your sweet smelling rose.

I Am You

  1. You, who seek a life as though it were endless,
    See your world in motion and abandon it,
    Without recognition or reverence, to God.
    And, even though you see me, and know me,
    You offer me no choice but to be alone,
    You ask me to wait without end.

I Am You

  1. Yet, to my strength I must rise up
    In another dimension to pray for you
    In another plane of existence,
    In another realm,
    Because there are needs on this earth I cannot fill
    But I love you and your soul is vast,
    But you cannot always see.

I Am You

  1. As I become more and more what I was,
    I am more and more what I was,
    O, you shall be saved through me,
    I am your “hymn,” the glory of your sinless bliss
    My death will free you and hold you in place
    You are my single breath of life.

I Am You

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Well, some new words containing thoughts and ideas. Reflections of who I seem to be and who I’m not. Enjoy.

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