Grandparents are nothing more than old codgers that see life from a different time. As the sun sets, so too does the knowledge of that lifetime.

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Me And Einstein

Dated with much grace and much humor.

They come from a time that is now truly decades ago. For those left behind, no words have been written, nor spoken.

They lived their lives as best as they could. They have no idea that time has robbed them of these precious years.

To the one left behind, grandparents are the old spirits of their childhood. The nostalgia, the excitement, the calm. The love of grandparents is something you can never understand until you have them. And it’s something they share with you because, to them, it is priceless.

But when they go, it is with the distant knowledge that we will forget.

Grandparents are the ones who have taken you in for the night, and put you to bed.

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They have loved you all your life. And now it is the time for them to go.

They are the ones who have laughed and cried with you.

The ones who have the most interesting and bizarre stories from their own lives.

The ones who have encouraged you to explore new worlds and seen your passions as gifts.

They are the ones who are not ashamed to show their wrinkles and gray hairs.

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But they will never grow old, and they will never die.

They are the grandparents in your heart that will never leave.

And if you’re lucky, they will be your world.

And, to you my grandkids! Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. It means more than you could ever know. What my grandparents shared with me I hope you have leaned from me.


Grandpa (DaddyG)

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This article was collaborated on by using chatGPT and images I’ve created with MIDJOURNEY. A fun orchestration by me. 🙂 All images available in higher resolution.

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