Nuclear Winters Extinction

The last person standing during a nuclear war eventually fades into extinction. But until the big blast, when the world falls into chaos, who will be the last one?

Nuclear Winters Extinction

The last person standing could be either a woman or a man.

When you say ‘last person,’ what exactly do you mean?

There’s one human left, and he or she is running out of food and supplies. What is the last step you’re taking before you let yourself die?

I’m talking about the last person left in a post-apocalyptic world. Typically, this person has learned everything there is to know about surviving. They’ve successfully prepared for a world without power and civilization, so they’re ready to pass on some sage wisdom to their neighbors but neighbors no longer exist and so too man become extinct.

Nuclear Winters Extinction,last person standing,
Nuclear Winters Extinction
Nuclear Winters Extinction
Nuclear Winters Extinction

Will be doing a series of images with text/prose. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay focused on one topic. 🙂

What the hell. Are we heading towards a nuclear winter? Affecting global survival by billions. Will there be survivors? And, if so how many will survive? Perhaps none and the universe will loose another species.

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