Cold Frosty Morning

Chapter One

It was a cold frosty morning and the cobble stone roads dew. Well that’s how this starts out. I decided to create mini shorts. Short stories with images and some text. I thought would be fun as attention spans seem to be short.

Cold Frosty Morning,, AI, digital art, info

It was a cold frosty morning and the cobble stone roads dew, was shinning brightly with the days first sun. Every morning there was the same everyday sound. Street songs are filing the air with the clack, click, clack, click, and shouts of bartering at the market. 

Chapter Two

Cold Frosty Morning, Small Village,, info, AI, Digital Art

The air around the village was misty with the smell of fresh food and and old spicy wine. It was a misty morning, so she could see the reflection of her yellow yellow eyes shining through the mist. She wasn’t sure where she was or who she was, but she was certain she was a child.

Chapter Three

Her blond curly hair was covered with a pretty bonnet. Her white clothing was not very revealing and her hair was covered.

Chapter Four

There was no one around, and she wondered where her parents were. So she started to ask the local merchants if they’ve seen her parents.

Chapter Five

She took in a long breath to calm herself, as she wiped her nose. She was scared of the weather and the unfamiliar surroundings, but she still felt an inner calm, as her white cat wandered around. The cat was her only friend and protectant in the new place, and she could tell it was with her.

Chapter Six

Suddenly the cat disappeared and she followed. She saw a man carrying a sack of food, and started to follow him. The cat stopped and looked at her and she got scared. She yelled for her cat, but it did not come.

Chapter Seven

The cat’s eyes got big as it told her, “You go and live a peaceful life with your beloved dog.” And then it disappeared.

The End

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