Autumn Dance In Pictures

Autumn Dance In Pictures

She dances in a sunny meadow, clad in shades of yellow and pink and orange. A splendid, shimmering peach-colored robe. A wan golden haze surrounds the meadows at dusk. A white lace veil flows over the stream.

A majestic gallantry lays perfectly still on the grass. One wan moment in her wondrous dance, in which her face appears pale, but her lips are crimson, fluted, and sparkling with a seductive glow.

The epitome of dramatic beauty.

In a shimmering glow she glitters in a shade of night. She dances a glorious moonlit dance of undiscovered beauty, in the grey shadow of a domestic and melancholy dusk. A gentle sigh of wonderment sweeps over the other mysteries of the night. Thus does she hold the splendid treasure of exquisite delight and delicate delight of youthful hearts.

A delicate dust of mysterious beauty touches our senses.

Thoughts & Ideas, Joseph Kravis 🙂

This article was collaborated on by using chatGPT and images I’ve created with MIDJOURNEY. A fun orchestration by me. 🙂 All images available in higher resolution.

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