Souls Are The Separation Of Spirits And Passion

Souls are the separation of spirits and passion

Souls are the separation of spirits and passion and in the absence of consciousness, they become subconscious and unsteady, strange and frightening, an immense effervescence for others to ponder over. They are a spectacle of dazzling gas. But we, ordinary mortals, are bereft of such visions.

When we hear of such things, they seem fantastic, repulsive, extremely far-fetched, and tragic. In contrast to such images, we are thoughtless and harmless; and so we suffer a gentle numbness, which comes to us without any violent movement. We seem enchanted and placid.

Although we know a lot, we are afraid of nothing and have no sudden changes of mood. Even the faintest whiff of it is reassuring. It is the pleasure of subtlety, refinement and dignity.

Scents Of Passion Are Majestic Flowers

To us, the flowers are majestic, thrilling and generous, splendid and finely coloured. As a result, the flowers become significant to us, the rich meanings of which are ill-defined.

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Flowers in our minds are much more romantic and magnanimous. From time to time, we display them and consider them to be splendid, occasionally in our own way, in the manner of the discerning sophisticated beings.

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Our souls are the separation of the spirits and passion. Every emotion produces a desire, and for us the desire is a desire for freedom. Without the passion, the love would be just a lust, and love is sometimes only a liking of the existence of another.

But When Passion Takes Flight

But when passion takes flight the need is transformed into desire, which leads us to the universe of passion as we transcend the distance.

The thunder sounds endlessly, like a vast resonant thud that fills the delicate space with tiny dust particles that quickly turn to a gas mist.

Here We Are

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