Question everything we know! The truth is out there and to survive the future, humanity has to uncover and discern what is true or false.

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In a land of confusion and murky haze, Where opinions and facts often interlaze, There stood a town filled with curious folks, Who questioned everything, as if it were a hoax.

“Question everything we know!” they’d cry, For they knew not the truth, and they’d sigh, Their faces wrinkled with a tinge of despair, As they sought for clarity in the cold, foggy air.

In this town, Truth Seekers they were called, Their quest for answers left them enthralled, They whispered and wondered, and sometimes would shout, “The truth is out there, let’s find it, no doubt!”

As the Seekers embarked on a journey most dire, Their hearts filled with passion, their spirits afire, They dug through the webs, the books, and the lore, Hoping to find what they’d been searching for.

Question Everything,, chatgpt, midjourney, infp, life, peace, love

Then one day, in the midst of their quest, An unlikely hero appeared from the west, A sage old wombat, with fur like the night, He spoke of the truth, with great insight.

“Truth and falsehood, like day and night, Can sometimes be tricky to tell apart, right? But worry not, Seekers, for I have a plan, To find the truth, as only a wombat can.”

He led them through dark woods and winding streams, Teaching the Seekers to discern false dreams, They practiced their skills, to question and learn, For truth they desired, and they would earn.

Question Everything,, chatgpt, midjourney, infp, life, peace, love

And so the people of the town came to see, That the future of mankind was as bright as could be, By questioning all that they thought they knew, They unlocked the doors to a world that was true.

In the end, the people rejoiced and sung, The praises of wombat, the wise and the young, For it was he who had shown them the way, To question and seek, for truth every day.

Question Everything,, chatgpt, midjourney, infp, life, peace, love

So remember this tale, my dear friends and kin, The truth is out there, waiting to be taken in, Question everything, and be not afraid, For it’s through seeking the truth, that our future is made.

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